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MCW Society of Teaching Scholars Nomination Criteria

The MCW Society of Teaching Scholars (STS) is seeking nominations for candidates to be elected to membership for the 2012-13 academic year. Each year the Society may elect up to five outstanding educators to membership in recognition of their contributions to educational scholarship and the educational mission of MCW.


A. General Criteria

  1. MCW faculty: clinical or basic science: MD or PhD
  2. Minimum of 6 years at MCW in Full-Time/Full Professional Effort Faculty status.
  3. Submission of application from Department/Center Chairperson/WFC or designee.

 B. Specific Criteria

Candidates suitable for nomination should have documented evidence of sustained educational excellence in a minimum of two of the following three areas:

  1. Educational Scholarship:

Peer reviewed published papers focusing on education

  1. Peer reviewed endurable products (e.g., curriculum, learner assessment tools) accepted by medical education (e.g., MedEdPORTAL) and/or specialty specific (e.g. AGS’s POGOe; STFM’s FMDRL, Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine) repositories.
  2. Education-specific grants
  3. Education-specific books
  4. Development and evaluation of new instructional materials, techniques, and/or learner assessment tools.
  5. National and regional peer-reviewed education presentations (workshops, plenary, research/scholarly work)
  6. National and regional invited presentations on education topics


  1.  Educational Leadership: in one or more of the following areas
  1. MCW Course or Clerkship Leadership; (Course Director, Co-Director,  Major Section Leader);
  2. Residency, graduate program, or CME director;
  3. Education committee participation (e.g. MCW Curriculum and Evaluation Committee, Graduate Medical Education Committee, Graduate Studies Council). Other evidence of MCW educational leadership;
  4. National leadership position in educational organization (e.g. NBME, ACGME, AAMC), society (e.g., Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education), or discipline specific national education groups/committees (e.g., Council on Medical Student Education in Pediatrics).


  1.  Educational Excellence
  1. Documented excellence in direct educational activities for a minimum of 4 years, as judged by measurable criteria such as:
    1. Written course evaluations
    2. Teaching evaluations
    3. Support letters from students, residents and/or junior faculty regarding mentorship
    4. Documentation of educational impact;  e.g. changes in pre- to post scores, changes in clinical practice behaviors, OSCE performance


Nomination Process

To be considered in this selection, all Nomination Materials Must be
Sent as Electronic Attachments (e.g., PDF, Word) & Received By 9:00 AM Thursday, May 10, 2012
Send to


Please Include the following information in the submission packet:

  1. Nomination letter from Department Chair, Center or Council leader
    • If you have nominated a candidate in 2011 – an updated letter must  be provided. 
    • In your nomination letter you may ask that 2011 materials  for  #2-#3 below be used.  However, we encourage you to submit updated CVs/supporting documents if possible.
  2. Candidate CV – Use MCW CV Style
  3. Supporting documents/evidence of educational excellence/scholarship (see above criteria)


A current list of Society of Teaching Scholar Members is available at  - scroll to bottom of page and click on "member roster".  If you have questions or would like additional information about Society of Teaching Scholars, please contact Drs. Duthie or  Simpson . Thank you for advancing education and educators at MCW.