Nutritional Disorders Telehealth Network Project

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Child Constitution Interventions - Overweight

Referral Worksheet to Address Behavioral/Psychiatric Issues

Referral forms to address behavioral/psychiatric issues in children with nutritional disorders.

Behavioral Management

Behavioral methods are useful in increasing food variety in youth who are overweight or obese. Behavioral methods include the use of repeated exposure to new foods and varied textures, positive reinforcement for trying new foods or textures, and use of ignoring (extinction procedures) or punishment for reducing unwanted behaviors related to trying new foods and textures. The goal of these methods is to increase the child’s acceptance of a variety of foods, thereby improving the quality of their oral intake.

Behavioral Contracting/Goal Setting

A behavioral contract is a written agreement between a caregiver and a child to help them to achieve a specified goal. In a medical context this tool is generally used to help with adherence to a medical plan. Using behavioral contracts to treat nutrition problems is a common practice.
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