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Milwaukee Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience 2011 Annual Meeting

Poster Presentation Winners


Oliver Vranjkovic

P9. The Role of the Beta 2 Noradrenergic Receptor in Reinstatement of Extinguished Cocaine-Induced Place Preference
Vranjkovic, O., Weyer, A., Hang, S., Caretta, H., and Mantsch, J.R.
Marquette University – Dept of Biomedical Sciences


Evan Graf

P4. Corticosterone-Induced Potentiation of Cocaine-Seeking Behavior: A possible Role for Organic Cation Transporter 3 (OCTS)
Graf, E.N., Vranjovic, O., Nothem, A., Mantsch, J., and Gasser, P.
Marquette University – Dept of Biomedical Sciences

Ling Zhong

P15. Phosphorylation of neurogranin fine-tunes LTP expression
Zhong, L., Kaleka, K., and Gerges, N.Z.
Medical College of Wisconsin – Dept of Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy

Daneille Reitsma

P21. Functional Reorganization in Visual Cortex with Central Pathology
Reitsma, D.C.1, Maciejeski, M.J., Szeder, V., Ulmer, J.L.1, Mueller, W.M.2, Remler, B.F.3, and DeYoe, E.A.1
Medical College of Wisconsin – Dept of Radiology1, Dept of Neurosurgery2, Dept of Neurology3

James M. Otis

P45. Noradrenergic β-receptor activation within the prelimbic medial prefrontal cortex is necessary for retrieval of a cocaine-induced conditioned place preference
Otis, J.M., Dashew, K.B., and Mueller, D.
UWM – Dept of Psychology


Catherine Kaczorowski

P3. Novel role of TRPC3 channels in neurotrophin-induced plasticity, hippocampal neuronal excitability and memory
Kaczorowski, C.C., Chong, J.A., Del Camino, D., Lacey, V., Abramowitz, J., Birnbaumer, L., and Tryba, A.K.
Medical College of Wisconsin – Dept of Physiology

Elizabeth Sabens

P10. Levodopa Activates Apoptosis Signaling Kinase 1 and Promotes Apoptosis in a Neuronal Model: Implications for the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease
Sabens, E.A. and Mieyal, J.J.
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine – Dept of Pharmacology
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