Adult Neurology Faculty

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Fitzsimmons, Brian-Fred, MD

Chair of Neurology
Specialty: Interventional Neurology

Granadillo, Elias, MD

Specialty: Adult Neurology

Anderson, Christopher T., MD

Specialty: Epilepsy, Seizures

Gupta, Pramod R., MD, MPH

Specialty: Neurology

Antuono, Piero G., MD

Specialty: Aging, Alzheimer's Disease

Harrington, Gregory J., MD

Specialty: Multiple Sclerosis

Barkhaus, Paul E., MD

Specialty: Neuromuscular Disease

Helms, Ann K., MD

Specialty: Stroke, Cerebrovascular Disease

Battistini, Humberto A., MD

Specialty: Sleep Disorders, Epilepsy

Hiner, Bradley C., MD

Specialty: Parkinson's Disease, Deep Brain Stimulation

Binder, Jeffrey R., MD

Specialty: Aphasia, Cerebrovascular Disease, Neuroimaging

Johnson, Vijay, MD, MS

Specialty: Neurocritical Care and Critical Care

Blindauer, Karen A., MD

Specialty: Parkinson's Disease, Movement Disorders

Lazzaro, Marc A., MD

Specialty: Vascular Neurology

Book, Diane S., MD

Specialty: Stroke, Dementias

Lynch, John, MD

Specialty: Stroke, Neurointervention and Critical Care

Brod, Staley A., MD

Specialty: Neuroimmunology

Peltier, Wendy L., MD

Specialty: Mitochondrial Myopathy

Carlson, Chad, MD

Specialty: Epilepsy, Seizures, Treatment Resistant Epilepsy

Raghavan, Manoj, MD, PhD

Specialty: Epilepsy

Chelimsky, Thomas C., MD

Specialty: Autonomic Disorders

Remler, Bernd F., MD

Specialty: Neuro-ophthalmology

Collins, Michael, MD

Specialty: Neuromuscular Disease

Sabri, Merav, PhD

Specialty: Neuroimaging, Auditory Processing

Connelly, Jennifer M., MD

Specialty: Neuro-Oncology

Schloemer, Fallon C., DO

Specialty: Adult Neurology

Fee, Dominic, MD, FAAN

Specialty: Neuromuscular Medicine

Sirbiladze, Giorgi, MD

Specialty: Adult Neurology

Florczak, Jonathan, MD

Specialty: General Neurology

Skantz, John, MD

Specialty: Spinal Disorders, Electromyography

Franczak, Malgorzata B., MD

Specialty: Dementia & Aging

Umfleet, Laura Glass, PsyD

Specialty: Neuropsychology

Freitag, Frederick G., DO

Specialty: Headache Medicine



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