Pediatric Neurology Faculty

There are nine child neurologists and one Epilepsy instructor in the Division of Pediatric Neurology at the Medical College of Wisconsin that are each fully involved with the residency and fellowship programs. As a group, we have favored a collegial, informal- rather than authoritarian and rigidly structured – manner of pursuing a high level of quality in our education, academic and clinical practice endeavors.

Kurt E. Hecox, MD, PhDKurt E. Hecox, MD, PhD

Chief, Associate Professor
Special interests: Epilepsy, sensory disorders, complex communication disorders

Matthew M. Harmelink, MDMatthew M. Harmelink, MD

Assistant Professor
Special interest: Neuromuscular diseases

Christopher M. Inglese, MDChristopher M. Inglese, MD

Associate Professor
Special interests: Epilepsy, Tourette syndrome, autism, psychopharmacology

Nadir Khan, MDNadir Khan, MD

Program Director and Associate Professor
Special interest: Epilepsy

Ahmad Marashly, MDAhmad Marashly, MD

Assistant Professor
Special interests: Epilepsy, Epilepsy surgery, EEG, medical management of epilepsy

Priya A. Monrad, MDPriya A. Monrad, MD

Associate Program Director and Assistant Professor
Special interests: Epilepsy and neonatal neurology

Hema Patel, MDHema Patel (Parekh), MD

Professor of Clinical Neurology
Special interests: Epilepsy

Kumar Sannagowdara, MDKumar Sannagowdara, MD

Assistant Professor
Special interests: Epilepsy, Long-term video EEG monitoring, Intraoperative Monitoring

Michael J. Schwabe, MDMichael J. Schwabe, MD

Associate Professor
Faculty Bio
Special interests: Seizures; epilepsy, electroencephalography, vagal nerve simulation, long term video/EEG monitoring (LTM)

Harry T. Whelan, MDHarry T. Whelan, MD

Faculty Bio
Special interests: Light emitting diode therapy, carbon monoxide poisoning, smoke inhalation, decompression sickness, radiation tissue damage, burn injury, developmental disorders central of central nervous system, brain tumors, osteomyelitis, Hyperbaric Medicine

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