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About Us



Who We Are

The Office of Technology Development (OTD) will nurture intellectual creativity, stimulate research, develop and protect intellectual property, transfer intellectual property to entities best equipped to take product to market, strengthen the Medical College of Wisconsin brand with the business community, and contribute to the overall health and well-being of the region and the nation. Our Vision is to be recognized regionally and nationally as a model for academic institutions desiring to commercialize technology for the good of mankind.

What We Do

The Medical College of Wisconsin Office of Technology Development (OTD) is responsible for managing the discoveries, inventions, and other intellectual property assets of the Medical College of Wisconsin and advancing these discoveries from Patents to Patients®. In this endeavor, we identify and protect novel ideas and then market those ideas to established companies or help form spin-off companies to develop commercial products.

With over 2,000 physicians and full-time researchers, the Medical College of Wisconsin has a fertile pipeline of technologies available for licensing covering therapeutics, diagnostics, diagnostic imaging, medical devices, and research tools.

Mission Logistics

  1. Nurture Creativity: Nurture a culture of creativity at MCW that encourages the research and development of intellectual capital.
    1. Educate faculty on the importance of translational research and the benefits of technology development;
    2. Encourage faculty, postdoctoral fellows and students to develop and disclose inventions;
    3. Promote collaborative research, the development of intellectual capital and scientific entrepreneurship;
    4. Help MCW recruit and retain knowledgeable and creative individuals who also possess strong independence and drive;
    5. Notify faculty about opportunities and networking events;
    6. Work with MCW to amend institutional policies to better support intellectual creativity and scientific entrepreneurship; and
    7. Promote the Office of Technology Development's mission through the Faculty Council, the Office of Postdoctoral Education and the Graduate Student Association.
  2. Identify Intellectual Capital: Evaluate MCW's intellectual capital for innovative concepts, creative ideas, and potential goods and services that address market and health needs.
    1. Maintain a cutting-edge awareness of marketplace for new drugs, medical devices, informatics tools and related services;
    2. Meet with center/program-oriented faculty to inventory intellectual capital;
    3. Map intellectual capital against past sources of intellectual property and identify under-utilized capital;
    4. Revise and streamline the invention disclosure process; and
    5. Develop and implement a technology "pull" strategy.
  3. Develop Marketable Products: Translate new discoveries into solutions for real problems in the real world, and establish and maintain relationships with the other stakeholders in the market to facilitate the development of products.
    1. Maintain a professional marketing and licensing staff;
    2. Assess the commercial potential of inventions and discoveries;
    3. Engage clinical faculty with laboratory scientists in evaluating new discoveries;
    4. Acquire/develop "back office systems" as needed to support marketing;
    5. Stage technology "showcases" to promote specific research and technology areas;
    6. Develop umbrella sponsored research and material transfer agreements with companies;
    7. Launch new technology-based businesses; and
    8. Pool selected intellectual property with other academic institutions to increase value.
  4. Contribute to Community: Contribute to base of knowledge about the importance of science and technology to intellectual, personal, public and economic health.
    1. Develop educational programs related to technology transfer;
    2. Collaborate with organizations focused on meeting market needs with new technologies; and
    3. Provide opportunities for MCW faculty, post-doctoral fellows and students to participate in local, regional and national efforts.
  5. Analyze Results: Document the successes and failures in achieving the above goals so that OTD's effectiveness can be improved.
    1. Actively track interactions with our stakeholders;
    2. Document stakeholder knowledge of and satisfaction with OTD; and
    3. Benchmark OTD's progress against other academic institutions;
    4. Actively monitor milestones in license agreements; and
    5. Establish and revise metrics, as necessary, including disclosures, licensee-/option-sponsored research, patents and other intellectual property, products/product sales, revenue, and economic impact.


Contact Us

MACC Fund Research Center (MFRC) 3056
8701 Watertown Plank Rd
Milwaukee, WI  53226
Phone:  (414) 955-4362
Fax:  (414) 955-6619

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Joseph Hill, PhD
Vice President
Office of Technology Development

Kalpa Vithalani, PhD
Licensing Manager
Office of Technology Development

James Antczak, PhD
Licensing Manager
Office of Technology Development