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Licensing Negotiations

During the licensing process, a company usually wants to speak directly with the inventor to learn more about the technology. Such discussions usually require a Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement (CDA), which the MCW Office of Technology Development (OTD) can prepare.

A CDA is a legal contract between two parties which outlines the confidential information and materials the parties wish to share with one another solely for the purpose of evaluating the relationship.

Discussions with the company significantly enhance the ability to execute an agreement. However, please refer all commercial and contractual matters to OTD.

Once a licensee has been identified, OTD will negotiate the terms and details of the agreement with the interested company. The inventor(s) are rarely involved in these discussions, but are kept appraised of the progress.

OTD makes a good faith effort to market and license all MCW technologies. If a technology cannot be licensed within a reasonable time, it can be returned to the inventor.


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