Consortium for Health Care Economics and Innovation (CHEI)

Consortium Mission

Advance health care economics and innovation in southeastern Wisconsin in partnership with academic, community and institutional partners with a focus on:

  • value, quality, cost-effectiveness, and health and socio-behavioral economics
  • innovations in health care delivery and alignment with the principles and practices of health care reform
  • a commitment to health improvement of the entire Wisconsin population

Consortium Vision*

To effect a transformation that creates effective, efficient and equitable systems of health care delivery. Triple Aim Graphic

Initial Goals*

Given the complexity of the health care system, there is no single answer for the challenges we all face. However, over time the following initial goals can begin to address improvements in health care delivery:

  • Explore new interdisciplinary models of patient care and reimbursement.
  • Focus on partnerships with providers and employers on innovative pilot studies to improve the entire health care system in Wisconsin.
  • Examine improvements in the financial arrangements with physicians and hospitals to better align incentives among all stakeholders (i.e., patients, physicians, allied health professionals, hospitals, insurers and employers).
  • Strengthen focus on primary care and care coordination, e.g., patient-centered care, medical home model.
  • Emphasize quality, clinical outcomes and the practice of evidence-based medicine in reimbursement.
  • More broadly engage patients and plan sponsors in programs for preventive health and managing chronic conditions with the aim of reducing health disparities.
  • Examine payment models that reward value rather than volume.

*Adapted from the Institute for Health Care Improvement

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