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    Research Issues

    Research-related concerns are a common reason to consult with the Office of the Ombuds.
    Individuals may pursue these informal inquires for numerous reasons:  they may try to gather information; determine whether their perception has any validity; reflect on their respective situations; seek and discuss interpretations of school policies; brainstorm approaches to discuss these topics with a decision-maker; or learn about procedures if a formal complaint were to be made by or against them.
    Queries in this category may include:

    • animal care and use
    • authorship (order and inclusion)
    • attribution of credit
    • disposition of research products (what is mine and what can I take with me when I leave)
    • human research protection
    • integrity in science issues (e.g., conflict of interest, professional misconduct, misrepresentation of data, protocol errors, plagiarism, etc.)

    You can contact the Office of the Ombuds for individualized appointments tailored to your specific concerns.