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Medical College of Wisconsin /
Marquette Medical Alumni Association

The Medical College of Wisconsin/Marquette Medical Alumni Association provides services to strengthen connections among alumni and with the Medical College, and between students and alumni.


Paul E. Hankwitz, MD '74, GME '78

Timothy A. Crummy,  MD '97
Kathleen A. Baugrud, MD '85, GME '88   
Executive Director
William A. Schultz, MS

Board Members
Brian J. Bear, MD '84, GME '89
Steven C. Bergin, MD '74, GME '78
John T. Bjork, MD '71, Fel '76
LeRoy J. Byrd, MD '64
A. John Capelli, MD '78, GME '81
Joseph J. Carroll, PhD '02
Matthew I. Goldblatt, MD '97, GME '04
Neil R. Guenther, MD '83, GME '88
Jeffrey S. Mayer, MD '94
John J. Miller, MD, GME '82
Edwin G. Montgomery, MD '61, GME '64
Marie L. Nakata, MD '89, GME '93
David C. Olson, MD '86
Cheryl J. Powell, MD '82
Sarah J. Pratt, MD '78, GME '81
Philip I. T. Regala, MD '91
Frederic W. Schmidt, MD '83, GME '88
Kathleen S. Stokes, MD '87, GME '91
James D. Thomas, MD '91
Herbert N. Wigder, MD '73
Stuart J. Wong, MD '90, GME '93


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