Dear Friends and Colleagues

Ravi P. Misra, PhD; G. Allen Bolton, Jr., MPH, MBA; John R. Raymond, Sr., MD; G. Allen Bolton, Jr., MPH, MBA; and Jon D. Hammes

Jon D. Hammes (Far right) Chairman, Board of Trustees, Medical College of Wisconsin; John R. Raymond, Sr., MD (Center) President and Chief Executive Officer; Joseph E. Kerschner, MD (Second from right) Dean of the Medical School and Executive Vice President; Ravi P. Misra, PhD (Far left) Dean of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences; G. Allen Bolton, Jr., MPH, MBA (Second from left) Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

In 2013, we celebrated the 120th anniversary of the Medical College of Wisconsin. Our origin dates to 1893 with the establishment of the Wisconsin College of Physicians and Surgeons. It was the vision of our founders to educate physicians and scientists who would go forth to meet the health needs of the growing population and raise the standard of medical care in Wisconsin communities and beyond.

Throughout its history, this institution has served as a prime force for improving the level of health in our community and state. Our legacy can be measured in the thousands of doctors and scientists taught and trained here, and in more than 200 significant research discoveries made by faculty that have improved medical capabilities. But ultimately our legacy is told in the countless people restored to healthier lives.

From the roots planted 120 years ago, MCW has grown into a nationally recognized leader in education, research, clinical care, and community engagement. Our work today and the actions we set in motion now will affect the health and lives of generations ahead. In this Report, we honor our anniversary by highlighting stories that connect our past and future and carry forward our legacy of creating healthier communities.

At every major turning point in the College’s history, our community, our donors, and our state have stepped forward with tremendous support, underscoring their belief that this institution and medical center are vital to the health of the citizens. We thank you for making our advances possible. In particular, we recognize our largest donor, the MACC Fund (Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer, Inc.), which has contributed more than $35 million to MCW since 1976, more than a quarter of our history, for pediatric cancer and blood disorders research. Together, we will continue to build healthier communities for generations to come.

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