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Oksana Y. Sayko, MD

Assistant Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

"I always wanted to help my patients live life as close to normal as possible within the limitations of their disease. Cancer became a chronic disease that can be treated much better now because of new advancements in medicine. Many cancer survivors suffer from complications of the disease itself as well as from problems related to cancer treatment, i.e., lymphedema, limited range of motion in joints, pain, and fatigue. My goal is to be able to optimize quality of life for these patients."

Representative Publications
Pavlovsky MP, Vygovsky VP, Abrahamovich OO, Dovhan YP, Abrahamovich ES, Stefaniuk VD, Sayko OY.  Abdominal ultrasonography in patients with peptic ulcer disease after gastric resection. Vrachebnoye Delo, 973(4), 1990.
Vyhovsky VP, Panasiuk MP, Pavlovsky MP, Abrahamovich OO, Sayko OY, Havrysh T.  Motor function of the gastroduodenal system in patients with chronic gastritis. Medicine and Pharmacy: Achievements and Perspectives. Collection of articles, Lviv, 1990.
Abrahamovich OO, Pavlovsky MP, Vyhovsky VP,  Sayko OY, Tymochko MF.  A new approach to early rehabilitation of patients after gastric resection based on antioxidant system evaluation. Materials of the International Conference "Lviv Lasers in dermatology, rehabilitation, and biology," Lviv, 1992.
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