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Below, you will find helpful links that will direct you to other global health elective opportunities. As you search these links to find an elective that meets your goals, please ensure that you seek programs that guarantee the presence of a clinician preceptor who can oversee your training, safety, and overall experience. Additionally, there are multiple pediatric faculty that are involved in volunteer or research efforts internationally, and the best way to start with finding an elective is at your own institution.

The Global Health Interactive Map on the Medical College of Wisconsin Global Health Program’s website may also be very useful to you. The interactive map allows you to learn about MCW faculty efforts around the world.

Please contact Dr. Nicole St Clair to review your interests and assist with your elective search.

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International Electives in Spanish Speaking Countries

MCW Medical Spanish Elective

The Medical College of Wisconsin currently offers a Beginner's and Advanced Medical Spanish Academic Enrichment Selective to MCW M-1 and M-2 students. The curriculum consists of a beginner-level course offered during the fall semester that is directed to students with little or no prior experience in Spanish and an advanced-level course is offered during the spring semester and is directed to students already fluent in conversational Spanish. Both courses offer level-appropriate vocabulary, grammar instruction, and conversational practice, and the advanced-level course additionally offers case-based discussions in Spanish. Both courses focus on Latino culture and health-related beliefs, and the interface of those beliefs with the medical community. Completion of both courses is noted on official MCW transcripts. Course director Brett Bordini, MD (Pediatrics) hope is to broaden the curriculum in the coming years to include course offerings for residents and faculty as well. For questions or further information, please contact Dr. Brett Bordini at bbordini@mcw.edu.

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