Noon Conference Archives

Below you will find the archives of the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Global Health Noon Conferences. Please contact Nicole St Clair, MD with any questions.

Little girl smiling2011-2012

  • Public Health Systems, Epidemiology and Health Access Inequities Worldwide
    Dr. Earnestine Willis, May 2012
    View: PDF, video 1, video 2
  • Past, Present, and Future Community-Engaged Strategies to Prevent Childhood Obesity
    Dr. David Nelson, March 2012
    View: PDF, video 1, video 2
  • Approach to Diarrhea and Dehydration in Resource-Limited Areas
    Dr. Nicole St Clair, January 2012
    View: PDF, video 1, video 2
  • Injury Prevention and Management in Low Resource Settings
    Stephen Hargarten, November 2011
    View: PDF, video 1, video 2
  • Global Maternal Child Health
    Jackie Nohl, October 2011
    View: PDF, video 1, video 2, video 3


  • Infectious Diseases in International Travelers 2011
    Dr. Kelly Henrickson, May 2011
    View: PDF, video 1, video 2
  • Response to Humanitarian Disasters
    Dr. Peter Di Rocco, May 2011
    View: PDF, video 1, video 2
  • Emergent and Intensive Care in Resource-Limited Setting
    Dr. Paul Bauer, January 2011
    View: PDF, video 1, video 2
  • Diagnosis, Management & Complications of HIVLittle boy looking
    Dr. Peter Havens, November 2010
    View: PDF
  • Approach to Malnutrition in Resource-Limited Settings
    Drs. Jackie Nohl and Nicole St Clair, September 2010
    View: PDF, video 1, video 2


  • Adoption Health
    Drs. Chusid and Wilson, May 2010
    View: mp3, PDF, video
  • Development of an Emergency Medical System in Poland
    Dr. Tom Rice, March 2010
    View: mp3
  • Cases From Uganda
    Dr. Bauer February 2010
    View: PDF
  • Pediatric HIV Essentials: Care of HIV Positive Patients in Resource-Limited Countries
    Dr. Peter Havens, February 2010
    View: PDF, video
  • Global Health 101: An intro to the CHW Global Health Program and review of cases
    Drs. Jackie Nohl and Nicole St Clair, September 2009 
    View: PDF, video


  • International dermatology cases: What is that rash?
    Dr. Jackie Nohl, May 2009
    View: mp3, PDF, video
  • Integration of Global Volunteer Work Into Your Career
    Dr. Ndidi Musa, April 2009
    View: video
  • HIV Prevention: Lessons learned from Brazil
    Dr. Loren Galvao, February 2009 
    View: PDF
  • MDR Tuberculosis in Children
    Dr. Drobac, January 2009
    View: video
  • World Deworming, Parasitic Diseases: Impact on Child Development
    Dr. Olds, October 2008
    View: PDF, video
  • Health of Vulnerable Populations in Developing Countries
    Tifany Frazer, MPH & Dr. Nicole St Clair, September 2008
    View: PDF, video


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