Community Programs

Adolescents can seek support services through programs offered by the Milwaukee Adolescent Health Program.

Opportunities Unlimited (PDF) coordinates services for teens that promote use of health services, self-sufficiency, employment and academic success, while reducing risks for teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, delinquency, and school failure.

Free confidential education and counseling on alcohol, drug and tobacco abuse is available for adolescents through the Substance Abuse Treatment/Smoking Cessation Program (PDF).

A Teen Advisory Council, which started July 2005, comprised of teens who utilize services at Children's Hospital and Health System advocates for adolescents in the hospital and addresses their concerns regarding health and wellness. This council was started by the Adolescent Health and Medicine Program and Family Services at CHW to ensure care and activities in the hospital are age-specific and topical. The Teen Advisory Council is organize activities that are teen centered for patients admitted to the hospital. They provide feedback and suggestions to hospital staff and administrators about the needs and concerns of patients from the teen point of view. The council is also an advisory resource on ongoing program development for adolescents given their unique position as peers. Goals for future programming include but are not limited to the creation of a teen peer/mentor program in collaboration with CHW Volunteer Services, educational videos for residents and fellows, and a TAC website highlighting members, accomplishments, and activities.

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