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Outstanding research is the hallmark of a great medical community. In the Critical Care Division of Pediatrics we are dedicated to providing an environment in which the collective and individual efforts of faculty, fellows, and staff can thrive. Our success hinges on advocating for research, creating innovative partnerships, and expecting excellence.

To accomplish our Mission to advance knowledge through cutting edge research we are dedicated to:

  • Promoting collaborations among faculty, fellows and staff.
  • Working to promote interactions and partnerships across departments, colleges, industries, and other universities.
  • Assisting investigators in cultivating research through a network of support staff.


Nurse Practitioners
There are 14 NPs, all of whom are involved with the care of patients and in aiding our researchers with their bedside clinical and drug studies.

Research Coordinators
The Pediatric Critical Care Department has 57 active protocols facilitating the need for a Program Manager, Kathy Murkowski; and two Clinical Research Coordinators, Kate Luther and Briana Horn.

Administrative Assistant
Kathy Merchant

Data Manager
Because of the volume of data collected for research, our department has a full time data manager, Mary Kasch.


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