Pediatrics: Gastroenterology

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3rd Year Fellows: 


Katja Kovacic, MD - "MCW offers a unique fellowship program.  There are opportunities to grow as a physician and build an outstanding career within pediatric GI.  Our inpatient service gives you experience in complex problems such as motility, short bowel syndrome, GI bleeds, acute liver failure and post transplant care.  You will learn a variety of procedures and manage numerous interesting inpatient consultations. There is a surplus of research opportunities with mentors who have expertise in every field of pediatric GI. Our faculty is composed of a wonderful blend of senior, experienced role models along with young, highly striving physicians. Together, they make up a very friendly, supportive and relaxed group of mentors.  The extensive support staff includes a skilled and fun group of nurses, NPs, administrative assistants, dietitians and psychologists.  I am proud and happy to be part of this program. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn and excel within pediatric GI."

Alisha Mavis, MD - "The Department of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition at the Medical College of Wisconsin is staffed by a diverse and extensively experienced group of physicians ranging from world renowned experts within their field to young emerging specialists.  The well-seasoned staff of physicians possesses a wealth of knowledge and provides excellent mentoring.  They are also great colleagues and good friends.  The friendly and supportive environment promotes the development of unique individual physicians and provides them with the opportunity to pursue their own career path including clinical, research, and future educators.  The extensive patient population provides ample clinical experience, both inpatient and outpatient, as well as hands-on procedures.  The ancillary staff is great and extremely helpful with a wonderful group of administrative assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, dieticians, speech pathologists and psychologists.  The program is well rounded and supportive and my experience here has been phenomenal."



2nd Year Fellows

Catherine Larson-Nath, MD - "The Medical College of Wisconsin is an excellent place to train in Pediatric Gastroenterology.  From day one I felt welcomed and became a part of a top notch team of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and support staff that are dedicated to teaching and patient care.  This program is unique as it gives ample opportunities for hands on learning about every area of GI from motility to liver to one of a very few inpatient feeding programs in the country.   Every step of the way in my training I have felt supported whether it is a question about a patient or guidance in figuring out my research project the attendings are always willing to give advice and lend a hand.  Coming to MCW for your fellowship training will give you the opportunity to experience all that the field of pediatric gastroenterology has to offer and the chance to work with a great group of people."


Sarika Rohatgi, MD - "When I was applying for a Pediatric Gastroenterology fellowship, I had a few goals and expectations in mind. Of all the things, I wanted to come to a place where I have a diverse clinical exposure to not only the bread and butter GI but also the rarest of the GI diseases both in clinics as well as on the floors, a great endoscopic procedural training and good research opportunities. Other than that, I needed to be in a place where there are helpful, understanding and approachable colleagues, there is room for our opinions and suggestions and where people are concerned about you as a person as well as a trainee.

Here, we have a good number of Pediatric gastroenterologists and hepatologists that are adequate to add to the variety in approaches towards patient care but not large enough to lose our closeness and family-like environment. There is a constant desire and dedication to teach amongst every member in the team whether it is the attendings or nurses or even co-fellows.

We have a strong support system with several assigned nurses and administrative assistants, nurse practitioners, a feeding team with psychologists and dieticians, dedicated nurses for G tube care and management, motility nurses, a number of dieticians to teach and guide us through the clinics and a strong psychology team for our FAP and chronic abdominal pain clinics. We not only have our own patients in our fellows’ clinics but also have several subspecialty clinics for IBD, motility, feeding disorder, nutrition, functional abdominal pain, autonomic disorders, aero-digestive clinic and more which we can attend.

To keep up with latest in Pediatric GI, we have regular teaching conferences. We also have regular radiology and pathology conferences along with fellow presentations of M&M, interesting cases as well as their research. Along with this, we have several active research opportunities both in clinical and basic science that include GI microbiome, GI immunology, neurogastroenterology, motility, nutrition and several others that we can participate in. On the other hand, we have the encouragement and support to come up with our own feasible projects. We are also encouraged to present our work at several national conferences.

After almost a year of training in this place, I can definitely say that I made the right decision and have met my goals. This place is dedicated to groom you well as a physician and a person.



1st Year Fellows

Rajmohan Dharmaraj, MD - "As I am completing my first year at MCW Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellowship program, I realize that I have undergone a wonderful journey full of rich educational and clinical experiences. Every day of my fellowship, I have learned something new and the program offers a professional work environment with a challenging and diverse patient population. The support from staff and faculty is excellent. The staff tries to help in the learning experience in any way they can. The faculty shares their knowledge and ideas freely, and will go out of their way to help you on any occasion. Life outside the hospital is also worth mentioning. Milwaukee is the type of city that is big enough to have a bit of everything but small enough to still feel like you are at home. God has been incredibly gracious in giving me an opportunity to train at MCW and I would highly recommend this program to any resident considering a career in pediatric gastroenterology. "


Sravan Kumar Reddy Matta, MD
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