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Training a well-rounded med-peds physician requires in-depth patient exposure in both the inpatient and outpatient settings. Our continuity clinic experience pairs a resident with a clinical preceptor from the first month of training. This primary care experience offers residents an in-depth experience: well child care, adult preventative care, and diagnosis/treatment/long-term management of diagnosis of common and complex medical problems. Our continuity clinic preceptors supplement evidence-based practice with over 225 years of combined post-graduate patient care experience. Each resident spends at least one half day a week in their continuity clinic. Most residents choose to participate in a combined med-peds continuity clinic, but opportunities are available for those residents who choose separate internal medicine and pediatric clinics as well. Program leadership also work with individual residents to offer additional opportunities to spend time in the continuity clinic (Outpatient Med-Peds rotation, two weekly clinics for residents planning careers in primary care, etc.)

The resident-run Continuity Clinic Committee enhances the continuity clinic experience by overseeing the educational curriculum and utilizing resident feedback in real time to make improvements to our outpatient experience. Duties of the Committee include scheduling and facilitating the Friday Med-Peds Primary Care Conference, which includes a weekly rotation of resident-led/preceptor-mentored interactive primary care lectures as well as sponsoring guest experts who come in from outside the program to teach our residents about specific aspects of primary care.

Combined Med-Peds Continuity Clinics

Aurora Advanced Healthcare Ridgefield Clinic

The Ridgefield Clinic is staffed by the Internal Medicine-Pediatrics physicians, Drs. Dominski and Brueggeman. This suburban practice represents an excellent opportunity for resident continuity clinic and student teaching. This clinic also houses award winning teachers and boasts some of the highest ratings for quality of education in resident training.

Columbia St. Mary's Clinics

Columbia St. Mary's Germantown, Mayfair and Grafton Clinics provide an array of services and specialties in addition to Med-Peds trained physicians. These CSM Clinics are staffed by the Internal Medicine-Pediatrics physician Dr. Dirk Steinert, and our own graduates, Drs. Burrows, King, Momper, Reinbold, and Weber.

Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin Community Physician Clinics

Moorland Reserve Health Center

The newest of the Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin Community Physician Clinics, Moorland Reserve Health Center serves most of the suburbs southwest of Milwaukee and all of Waukesha County. Moorland Reserve Health Center not only houses primary care services, but also a wide-variety of specialty and diagnostic services. Med-Peds residents staff with Internal Medicine-Pediatric Physician and program graduate, Dr. Sobczak. Recently Dr. Sobczak was featured on Today's TMJ 4 talking about the Role of the Primary Care Physician in maintaining health and fitness.

North Hills Health Center

Located in a northwest suburb of Milwaukee, North Hills Health Center houses not only primary care, but subspecialty clinics including OB and Endocrinology.  Anchored with primary care including Med-Peds and Internal Medicine, NHHC serves a diverse patient population and is staffed by the Internal Medicine-Pediatric Physicians, Drs. Barkimer, and our own graduate Dr. Ana Caban Cardona.

Springdale Health Center

Located 10 miles west of Milwaukee, Springdale Health Center opened in August, 2008 with a group of Med-Peds, Ob-Gyn, and Internal Medicine physicians. Leadership at Springdale includes expertise in clinic management, medical education and medical informatics. Med-Peds residents staff with Internal Medicine-Pediatric Physicians, Drs. Cada and Obermyer.

Tosa Health Center

Built in 1998, Plank is a multidisciplinary academic primary care site approximately 1 mile west of the Medical College of Wisconsin campus. Med-Peds, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics are all represented at this site. Tosa Health Center also houses an After Hours clinic, which provides both excellent patient care and a terrific training experience. Preceptors at Tosa Health Center include Internal Medicine-Pediatric Physicians, Drs. Lodes, Malcom, and Gehl (Program Graduates), in addition to Dr. Charlene Vander Zanden, Internal Medicine Physician.

Westbrook Health Center

Westbrook Health Center is located 10 miles west of Milwaukee in Waukesha. In addition to Med-Peds providers, Westbrook has rheumatology and sports medicine specialists, along with in-house imaging and laboratory services. Med-Peds residents staff with Internal Medicine-Pediatrics physicians, Drs. Kalt and program graduates Drs. Ewing and Meister.

Oak Creek Pediatrics

Oak Creek Pediatrics is located 15 miles south of Milwaukee. Affiliated with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Oak Creek Pediatrics is one of the main teaching clinics for our Department of Pediatrics’ Residency Program.  Med-Peds Residents staff with Pediatric Physician Dr. Katie Fee, a graduate of the MCW Peds Residency Program.

ProHealth Care Medical Associates

Located 30 miles west of Milwaukee in Waukesha County, ProHealth Care Medical Associates provides comprehensive primary and specialty care for people of all ages in Waukesha County. Med-Peds residents staff with Internal Medicine-Pediatrics physician, Dr. Lenz.



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