Pediatrics: Neonatology

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Didactic Components

The Division of Neonatology has an academic conference that is held weekly.  The topics are divided between basic physiology, patient oriented conferences (joint conferences with other divisions such as Pediatric Surgery), morbidity and mortality conferences, and research topics.

A list of physiology topics to be covered during the three-year fellowship is distributed to each trainee.  The fellow is expected to present a minimum of one conference per month selected from this list. The choice of topic is discussed with the fellowship director or an assigned faculty member.

Research conferences are also held throughout the year and are an opportunity for the fellows to hear about ongoing research at MCW to present their own research.  The fellow is expected to present a minimum of one research conference per year.

Patient oriented conferences are also held throughout the year.  Currently, there is a joint Neonatal-Pediatric Surgery conference held once per month of which the fellow will be expected to present at least three per year.  The remainder of the patient oriented conferences is primarily devoted to discussing morbidity and mortality of patients in the NICU.  Other disciplines, including pathology and radiology, participate in the conferences as appropriate.

Journal Clubs occur throughout the year.  Each fellow is responsible for at least two Journal Clubs each year of the Fellowship. The fellow has a faculty advisor to assist as needed.

Fetal Anomaly Conferences are organized by the departments OB-GYN and Pediatric Surgery and occur once per month.  Each fellow should present at least one of these conferences during the three-year fellowship.

Fellows also attend other MCW conferences that are appropriate for their research and general interests and include weekly Clinical Physiology lab meetings, weekly Department of Physiology seminars, weekly NO Journal Clubs and Cardiology Conferences.
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