Pediatric Residency Tracks

Optional study tracks

Each Track permits residents to use elective rotations to complete requirements that are designed to prepare them for specific careers.

Residents who complete the requirements will earn a certificate of completion at the end of their residency training, confirming their participation in an enriched residency curriculum.

Each Track includes a few required experiences, a required scholarly project, a monthly "track day" during the noon conference curriculum, suggested activities for educational and administrative development and faculty mentorship.

Our program offers six (6) Tracks:

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  Global Health
  • Global health noon conferences, grand rounds, and presenters series
  • Global Health Journal Club
  • HIV and adoption clinic elective opportunities
  • International elective(s)
  • Global health mentor assignment for establishment of an individualized learning plan and project development
  • Access to a pediatric global health library and other resources

View the Pediatric Global Health website for more information

  • An enhanced experience in hospital medicine with panel of experiences to customize training
  • Developed with input from information published in the hospital medicine literature, feedback from hospitalists participating on a national listserv, and local input from hospitalists here at MCW
  • Key rotations geared at developing skills essential to Hospital Medicine including a month in a community hospital setting and a procedure based anesthesia rotation
  • Scholarly activity project including case reports, research, QI, or clinical practice guideline development
  • A direct observation experience
  • Mentorship focused on helping choose  electives, career planning, and being available for general assistance
  • Opportunity to take part in administrative/educational development (attending national meetings, serving on committes, attending faculty development conferences)
  Primary Care
  • Develop skills that promote high function in primary care

  • Participate in primary care curriculum lectures and small group discussions

  • Receive mentoring in preparation for a career in primary care

  • Perform the role of general pediatrician in an immersion experience

  • Optional: Be involved in scholarly activity in primary care pediatrics

Individualized experience for each resident including:

  • Core selectives: Cards, Pulmonary, GI, Infectious Diseases, Renal, etc.
  • Special selectives: ENT, Anesthesiology, Palliative, Child Psychiatry, etc.
  • "Wild cards" (tailor your experience)

ο Research elective

ο Subspecialty immersion experience (e.g., Cards 201, NICU procedures)

ο Unique experiences (e.g., Transport, Toxicology)

  • Exposure to a field of possible interest
  • Flexibility to allow for a change of career plans
  • Mentoring targeted at your area of interest
  • Subspecialty pediatrics scholarly activity
  • Direct observation experience
  • Optional administrative/educational development experiences
  Career Identification
  • To help residents considering multiple career paths to obtain necessary information and experiences to help them reach a career decision
  • Receive mentoring to help you work through the process of selecting a career
  • Take part in a variety of electives to:

ο Give you more experience in field(s) of consideration to provide additional insights

ο Build skills that are useful in multiple fields you are considering

ο Explore areas of high interest for you


Incorporates elements of various tracks to optimize individual experience for residents with multiple area of interest.

It is our intent that these tracks be completely flexible, permitting each resident to individualize their training in the way that is best for them. Our program is fully committed to supporting the individual interests and goals of each resident, while making sure that all residents complete the training requirements of the American Board of Pediatrics and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

All tracks have a similar structure:

1. Track Mentor

2. Elective experiences

• Three (3) key subspecialty months

• Two (2) additional subspecialty months

• Three (3) units of open electives

ο Tailored for career

ο Can be inpatient or ambulatory

ο Examples

~ Community hospitalist

~ International elective

~ Primary care immersion general pediatrics

~ Cardiac ICU

3. Encouraged scholarly activity (research, QI, clinical guideline, workshop development, others)

4. Specialized didactics

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