Pediatric Residency Alumni

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Aggarwal, Manish, MD
Cardiology – St. Louis, MO

Arora, Shivgami, MD
Primary Care – North Liberty, IA

Bellamkonda-Athmaram, Vedavathi R., MD
Primary Care – Plymouth, MN

Chen, Wei-Liang, MD, MMed
Child Neurology – Medical College of Wisconsin

Cohen, Kathryn R., MD
Primary Care – Milwaukee, WI

Daly, James J., MD
Chief Residency (CR) – Medical College of Wisconsin

Davison, Kristine E., MD
Group Practice – Milwaukee, WI

Fitzgerald, Kelly M., MD
Group Practice – Chicago, IL

Holtrop, Maya F., MD
Primary Care – Ann Arbor, MI

Khan, Samreen Z., MD
Primary Care – Milwaukee, WI

Kohn, Lucinda, MD
Dermatology - San Francisco, CA

LaBarge, Robyn K., MD
Primary Care – Milwaukee, WI

Mathew, Anita, MD
Anesthesiology - Chapel Hill, NC

Nguyen, Anthony, MD
Internal Medicine – Loma Linda, CA

O’Brien, Bridget C., MD
Group Practice – Milwaukee, WI

O’Reilly, Michael T., MD
Primary Care – Wauwatosa, WI

Schauberger, Eric M., DO, PhD
Allergy/Immunology – Cincinnati, OH

Smith, Dionne V., MD
Group Practice – Champaign, IL

Smith, Jean M., MD
Chief Resident (CR) – Medical College of Wisconsin

Tarr, Lindsay N., MD
Group Practice – Seattle, WA

Troy, Lindsey N., MD
Pediatric Critical Care – Palo Alto, CA

Vidmar, Alaina P., MD
Pediatric Endocrinology – Los Angeles, CA

Wu, Stephanie C., MD
Group Practice – Lake Stevens, WA


Danielle Alfano
Neonatology - Pittsburgh, PA

Valerie Calberg
Dermatology - Boston, MA

Denise Dunlap
Group Practice - Pewaukee, WI

Rachel Dunn
Gastroenterology - Wauwatosa, WI

Katie Fritz
Neonatology - Wauwatosa, WI

Laura Gray (CR)
Group Practice - Milwaukee, WI

Kellen Gregori
Group Practice - Milwaukee, WI

James Hahn
Sports Medicine - Cincinnati, OH

David Hansen (CR)
Endocrinology - Indianapolis, IN

Joel Hartl
Group Practice - Brighton, CO

Alina Huang
Group Practice - Milwaukee, WI

Dane Jacobson
Pediatric Critical Care - Palo Alto, CA

Kristin Jakubowski
Group Practice - Salt Lake City, UT

Ashley Kroeger
Critical Care - Nashville, TN

Eun-Kyung Kwon
Dermatology - Milwaukee, WI

Darvy Mann
Group Practice - Longview, TX

Colleen Maroney-Rutter
Group Practice - Wauwatosa, WI

Emily Olson
Hematology/Oncology - Milwaukee, WI

Laura Pabalan
Academic Faculty - Chicago, IL

Pushpa Pallagatti
Primary Care - Milwaukee, WI

Leah Phillippi
Academic Faculty - Medical College of Wisconsin

Olawale Shekoni
Group Practice - Chicago, IL

Mitchael Steorts
Group Practice - Idaho Falls, ID

Renee Szafir
Group Practice - Pewaukee, WI

Vanessa Thomas
Emergency Medicine - Houston, TX

Craig Vander Wyst
Emergency Medicine - Phoenix, AZ

Emilee Yamdagni
Group Practice - Wauwatosa, WI


Kim Alt
General Pediatrics - Grand Rapids, MI

Danielle Cooling
General Pediatrics - Kenosha, WI

John Cox
Emergency Medicine - Medical College of Wisconsin

Alicia Daggett
Urgent Care - Kansas City, MO

Temitope Dimmer
Urgent Care - Medical College of Wisconsin

Rebecca Doege
General Pediatrics - Maple Grove, MN

Maureen Gallagher
General Pediatrics - Cincinnati, OH

Alecia Huettl
General Pediatrics - Milwaukee, WI

Eunice Koh
Critical Care - Medical College of Wisconsin

Anne Lincoln (CR)
Anesthesiology Residency - Medical College of Wisconsin

Steffany Moen
Neonatology - Indianapolis, IN

Deepti Narla
Nephrology - Pittsburgh, PA

Matthew Nersesian
General Pediatrics - Milwaukee, WI

Matthew Oelstrom
Critical Care - Medical College of Wisconsin

Caleb Rogers
Genetics - Portland, OR

Stephen Stone
Endocrinology - St. Louis, MO

Sarah Vepraskas (CR)
Pediatric Hospitalist - Medical College of Wisconsin

Michaela Voss
Adolescent Medicine - Seattle, WA

Emily Walling
Hematology/Oncology - St. Louis, MO

Bethany Weinert
Primary Care Research Fellowship - Madison, WI

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