Pediatric Residency Alumni

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Sarah Bauer, MD

Michael Chaka, MD

Mallory Cohen, MD

Jodi Garvin, MD

Michol Holloway, MD

Robert Keely, MD

Kristina Kraninger, MD

Kathryn Krauss, MD

Nicole Krimmer, MD

Jessica Lake, MD

Patrick Lehman, MD

Elizabeth Loconto, MD

Rachel Lucas, MD

Matthew Moehlmann, MD

Callie Nguyen, MD

Brilliant Nimmer, MD

Elizabeth Pitts, MD

Alexander Raskin, MD

Nicole Rau, MD

Cailyn Rood, MD

Christopher Sumski, MD

Sarah Thill, MD


Manish Aggarwal, MD
Cardiology – St. Louis, MO

Shivgami Arora, MD
Primary Care – North Liberty, IA

Vedavathi R. Bellamkonda-Athmaram, MD
Primary Care – Plymouth, MN

Wei-Liang Chen, MD, MMed
Child Neurology – Medical College of Wisconsin

Kathryn R. Cohen, MD
Primary Care – Milwaukee, WI

James J. Daly, MD
Chief Residency (CR) – Medical College of Wisconsin

Kristine E. Davison, MD
Group Practice – Milwaukee, WI

Kelly M. Fitzgerald, MD
Group Practice – Chicago, IL

Maya F. Holtrop, MD
Primary Care – Ann Arbor, MI

Samreen Z. Khan, MD
Primary Care – Milwaukee, WI

Lucinda Kohn, MD
Dermatology – San Francisco, CA

Robyn K. LaBarge, MD
Primary Care – Milwaukee, WI

Anita Mathew, MD
Anesthesiology – Chapel Hill, NC

Anthony Nguyen, MD
Internal Medicine – Loma Linda, CA

Bridget C. O'Brien, MD
Group Practice – Milwaukee, WI

Michael T. O'Reilly, MD
Primary Care – Wauwatosa, WI

Eric M. Schauberger, DO, PhD
Allergy/Immunology – Cincinnati, OH

Dionne V. Smith, MD
Group Practice – Champaign, IL

Jean M. Smith, MD
Chief Resident (CR) – Medical College of Wisconsin

Lindsay N. Tarr, MD
Group Practice – Seattle, WA

Lindsey N. Troy, MD
Pediatric Critical Care – Palo Alto, CA

Alaina P. Vidmar, MD
Pediatric Endocrinology – Los Angeles, CA

Stephanie C. Wu, MD
Group Practice – Lake Stevens, WA


Danielle Alfano
Neonatology – Pittsburgh, PA

Valerie Calberg
Dermatology – Boston, MA

Denise Dunlap
Group Practice – Pewaukee, WI

Rachel Dunn
Gastroenterology – Wauwatosa, WI

Katie Fritz
Neonatology – Wauwatosa, WI

Laura Gray (CR)
Group Practice – Milwaukee, WI

Kellen Gregori
Group Practice – Milwaukee, WI

James Hahn
Sports Medicine – Cincinnati, OH

David Hansen (CR)
Endocrinology – Indianapolis, IN

Joel Hartl
Group Practice – Brighton, CO

Alina Huang
Group Practice – Milwaukee, WI

Dane Jacobson
Pediatric Critical Care – Palo Alto, CA

Kristin Jakubowski
Group Practice – Salt Lake City, UT

Ashley Kroeger
Critical Care – Nashville, TN

Eun-Kyung Kwon
Dermatology – Milwaukee, WI

Darvy Mann
Group Practice – Longview, TX

Colleen Maroney-Rutter
Group Practice – Wauwatosa, WI

Emily Olson
Hematology/Oncology – Milwaukee, WI

Laura Pabalan
Academic Faculty – Chicago, IL

Pushpa Pallagatti
Primary Care – Milwaukee, WI

Leah Phillippi
Academic Faculty – Medical College of Wisconsin

Olawale Shekoni
Group Practice – Chicago, IL

Mitchael Steorts
Group Practice – Idaho Falls, ID

Renee Szafir
Group Practice – Pewaukee, WI

Vanessa Thomas
Emergency Medicine – Houston, TX

Craig Vander Wyst
Emergency Medicine – Phoenix, AZ

Emilee Yamdagni
Group Practice – Wauwatosa, WI


Kim Alt
General Pediatrics – Grand Rapids, MI

Danielle Cooling
General Pediatrics – Kenosha, WI

John Cox
Emergency Medicine – Medical College of Wisconsin

Alicia Daggett
Urgent Care – Kansas City, MO

Temitope Dimmer
Urgent Care – Medical College of Wisconsin

Rebecca Doege
General Pediatrics – Maple Grove, MN

Maureen Gallagher
General Pediatrics – Cincinnati, OH

Alecia Huettl
General Pediatrics – Milwaukee, WI

Eunice Koh
Critical Care – Medical College of Wisconsin

Anne Lincoln (CR)
Anesthesiology Residency – Medical College of Wisconsin

Steffany Moen
Neonatology – Indianapolis, IN

Deepti Narla
Nephrology – Pittsburgh, PA

Matthew Nersesian
General Pediatrics – Milwaukee, WI

Matthew Oelstrom
Critical Care – Medical College of Wisconsin

Caleb Rogers
Genetics – Portland, OR

Stephen Stone
Endocrinology – St. Louis, MO

Sarah Vepraskas (CR)
Pediatric Hospitalist – Medical College of Wisconsin

Michaela Voss
Adolescent Medicine – Seattle, WA

Emily Walling
Hematology/Oncology – St. Louis, MO

Bethany Weinert
Primary Care Research Fellowship – Madison, WI

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