PhD Program in Public & Community Health

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The blend of research through community engagement is at the foundation of a successful doctorate in public and community health. This program will offer a rich array of independent research opportunities from which students can select. Exploration of these topics will begin in the doctoral seminar in the first semester and continue through the first two years. This research training will then be translated into direct community-based participation while students prepare dissertations.

The Medical College of Wisconsin and Institute for Health and Society's commitment to this model extends throughout the College and is integrated across its priorities in research, education, clinical care and community partnerships. More than 150 faculty work with over 200 community organizations to better identify health needs and to create solutions for the greatest areas of health risk, both in Wisconsin and nationally.

Contact the PhD Program

Resources at MCW

MCW has many centers and programs that can be a resource to students. Read more about these resources and the research interests of their faculty.

Resources in the Community

The PhD Program in Public and Community Health has the opportunity to connect with community organizations through community-academic partnerships, faculty connections, student work, or seminar sessions. Look over these sites to see the wide range of community assets available to PhD students.

Resources Online

A writing guide, plagiarism tutorial, community toolbox and LGBT site are online resources available to PhD students.
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