Meet Joel P. Spiess, MS

"I strive to provide excellence in the administration of the School of Pharmacy’s academic services to both faculty and students, contributing to our operational effectiveness and the pursuit of our vision. Where I contribute the most is in arenas that allow me to utilize my organizational skills, attention to detail, and vision for improvement and optimization. I enjoy program development discussions and guiding colleagues and students alike as they identify strengths and opportunities for improvement on both personal and programmatic levels."

Joel P. Spiess, MS

Joel P. Spiess, MS

Coordinator of Academic Affairs




Joel P. Spiess, MS, joined the School of Pharmacy in June 2016 as the Coordinator of Academic Affairs. In his role, Mr. Spiess manages the Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum, including the course approval process and maintenance of curricular databases and comprehensive course records. He also coordinates the program’s academic services and operations, including the academic calendar and schedule of classes, the student information system, the Desire2Learn (D2L) learning management system, and academic support and tutoring for pharmacy students. He also serves on the accreditation team for the School of Pharmacy and guides general policy development for the academic program and organization. Prior to joining MCW, Mr. Spiess worked for eight years in related areas of higher education, including curricular affairs, academic advising, and student affairs. He has also taught undergraduate courses in an accredited health sciences program. Mr. Spiess holds a graduate degree in higher education leadership and policy analysis from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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  Education and Training

Master of Science (MS), Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Bachelor of Music (BM), Music Education - University of Wisconsin-Madison