Steven D. Pinkerton, PhD

Director, IMPACT Science Core
Director, Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program

Steven D. Pinkerton, PhDDr. Pinkerton's main research interests include the use of mathematical models of HIV/STD transmission to assess disease-related outcomes associated with behavioral change interventions and to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of these interventions; basic human sexuality research, with a focus on factors that enhance or protect against the risk of HIV/STD acquisition or transmission; sexual behavior assessment strategies and instrumentation; and the impact of HIV/AIDS policy on efforts to control the pandemic

Contact Information
(414) 955-7700  |  Fax: (414) 287-4206

PhD: Personality Psychology; University of California, Los Angeles
MA: Psychology; University of California, Los Angeles
MS: Computer Science; University of California, Los Angeles
MA: Mathematics; University of California, Berkeley
BA: Mathematics; University of California, Berkeley

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