The Randolph J. Lipchik, MD Endowed Education Fund

Randolph Lipchik, MDRandolph Lipchik, MDIn May of 2006, the Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine received a letter from an anonymous source praising MCW faculty member Randolph Lipchik, MD, for the care he provided to her dying father. Included with the letter was a check for $10,000 and a request to use the money to “mold and educate fellows, so that they develop into competent, compassionate and humane physicians like Dr. Lipchik.”

Shortly after receiving the donation, the division decided to use it to establish The Randolph J. Lipchik, MD Endowed Education Fund for the purpose of training and educating Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine fellows. The fund provides the opportunity for the division to continue to build on the principal funds through additional contributions, while utilizing the interest from these funds for the purpose of educating and training their current fellows including, but not limited to funding attendance at conferences and educational meetings.

Randolph Lipchik, MD Endowed Education FundUpon creation of the endowment, many faculty members also decided to make donations, including some in lump sum payments and others who have donated over time through payroll deduction. In addition, the division launched a campaign to solicit additional monies. If you would like to make a contribution please see our Giving Page.

The Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care Medicine & Sleep Medicine is a nationally recognized program, which provides the highest quality clinical care, trains physicians for practice and academics and attracts top medical students into the fellowship. The division has already trained almost 100 fellows who have gone on to become very successful clinicians, educators, researchers and administrators.

Fellow Statements

It is difficult to encompass the variety of experiences that as a fellow you come across; be it in critical care, pulmonary inpatient service or pulmonary outpatient clinic. In all of these, the person you look for guidance and support is your Attending. I have been privileged that in each of these I have had Dr Lipchik guide me.

In the clinic, we see many patients, but more often you will see referrals from other outside pulmonary physicians. These patients have had investigations without recourse and have finally come to Dr Lipchik. His approach to the patient is thoughtful with instant empathy and rapport, allowing these difficult to treat patients an opportunity at trying to alleviate their symptoms.

In the inpatient pulmonary or in the critical care service, Dr. Lipchik will always be on hand, ready and willing to step in. He will lead you towards an assessment and formulate a plan of action, not only from medical knowledge, but also from his extensive clinical experience. He invites you to contribute, be you a medical student, resident or fellow, and creates an environment of learning and participation.

It is unsurprising that an educational fund, to further the education and training of the fellows, has been established in his name. It is without doubt an honor to be mentored by such an exceptional, compassionate and selfless individual.

It is without doubt an honor to be mentored by such an exceptional, compassionate and selfless individual.

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