The Redox Biology Program unites researchers interested in the role of redox processes in physiology and pathology.

Many biological processes involve the movement of electrons, and every time an electron moves, something gets reduced, and something gets oxidized.

Redox processes are essential to respiration and the generation of cellular ATP. Overt cellular damage can result from the overexposure of cells to environmental oxidants or the overproduction of similar oxidants by the cell itself (often termed "oxidative stress").

However, it has become clear that redox reactions in cells, and the control of redox homeostasis, modulate a plethora of cellular signaling events through protein post-translational modifications.

The control of apoptosis, proliferation and migration of cells has been shown to be modulated at multiple levels by redox processes, usually (though not exclusively) through the oxidation/reduction/modification of protein thiol groups.

Redox Biology Program Contact Information

Redox Biology Program Contact Information

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