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David Gutterman, MD

Phone:  414-955-8495
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Gutterman Laboratory

David D. Gutterman, MD, FCCP, is the Northwestern Mutual Professor of Cardiology, Senior Associate Dean of Research, and Professor in the Departments of Medicine and Physiology.

He has served in a leadership role in a variety of national and international cardiovascular scientific organizations. He was chairman of the American Physiological Society’s Cardiovascular Section, and completed a term as chair of the American Heart Association Scientific Publishing Committee. He served as the president of the American College of Chest Physicians in 2010. Watch Dr. Gutterman's presidential address:


Dr. Gutterman's research efforts focus on vascular health and disease. His laboratory is one of only two worldwide that examines the ability of small blood vessels to control blood flow to the heart of humans. Otherwise discarded tissue is obtained from patients undergoing heart surgery. Microvessels isolated from this tissue has shown us that human blood vessels behave much differently than those from animal models. Furthermore, diseases, such as diabetes, markedly reduce the ability of the blood vessels to dilate during periods of need, such as exercise or during near-heart attack situations. This may in part explain why patients with diabetes have higher mortality and complications with heart attacks than their nondiabetic counterparts with similarly severe heart attacks.

The Gutterman laboratory collaborates with other key groups, including those of Andreas Beyer, PhD, David X. Zhang, PhD, Michael Widlansky, MD, and Dorothee Weihrauch, DVM, PhD. They are working to elucidate the critical role of endothelium in normal microvascular function and how it is altered in disease. This Cardiovascular Affinity Group focuses on the influence of  reactive oxygen species and their cellular origin in several unique signaling pathways including potassium channel signaling, lipid signaling and mitochondrial function in health and disease.



  Cardiovascular Center Microvascular Biology Group. Front row (left to right): Ryan Nord, Lena Watanabe, PhD, Dorothee Weihrauch, DVM, PhD, Joseph Hockenberry; Middle row (left to right):  Yoshinori Nishijima, PhD, David Zhang, MD, PhD, Allison Couillard, Natalya Zinkevich, PhD, Jingli Wang, PhD, Rong Ying, MD; Back row: ( left to right): David Gutterman, MD, Andreas Beyer, PhD, Kodlipet Dharmashankar, MD, Matt Durand, PhD, Stephanie Gruenloh, Michael Widlansky, MD (CVC 2012 Report)  



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