MCW Stem Cell and Developmental Biology Forum 2017

Meetings are held on Fridays from 10:45 a.m. (PROMPT) - noon in the Department of Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy,Conference Room - BSB 476.

Each presentation should be designed to last 45 mins. It is important to give an introduction that explains the area of research and includes relevant background. The bulk of the presentation should focus on original lab-work and include experimental details that can be understood by the audience. Questions during the presentation are still very strongly encouraged - this means from post-docs and students not just faculty! The aim of this is to gain feedback and ideas from each other. It is expected that the presentations will describe projects at different levels of maturity and presenting work-in-progress is or projects that are just starting is absolutely fine. Cancellations should only be made when there is an unavoidable conflict – deciding that you don’t have enough data is not an acceptable reason!. If there is a conflict, it is the speakers’ obligation to switch dates with someone on the list.


Jan 6      Zach Brandt/Michael Flinn           Link Lab  

Jan 13    Zeeshan Afzal                            Strande Lab

Jan 20    Cayla Thompson                         Battle lab

Jan 27    Disease Modeling Data Blitz         Benjamin/Ebert/Bosnjak Labs


Feb 3     IDP Interviews-No Meeting

Feb 10   Yuichi Horikoshi                           Bosnjak Lab

Feb 17   Michelle Storage                          Sood Lab

Feb 24   Ross Collery                                Link Lab               


Mar 3     IDP Interviews-No Meeting

Mar 10   Sarah Logan                               Bai Lab

Mar 17   Steve Blinka                               Rao Lab

Mar 24   Eric Weh                                    Semina Lab

Mar 31   Sarah DeBenkhe                         Semina Lab                       


Apr 7     Emily Seminary                           Ebert Lab

Apr 14   Caitlin O’Meara                            O’Meara Lab                                

Apr 21   Matt Waas/Chelsea Fujinaka         Gundry Lab        

Apr 28   Roman Stavniichuk                      Battle Lab


May 5    Mike Reimer                                Rao Lab

May 12  Dan Schill                                    Cirillo Lab

May 19  Kathryn Hendee                           Semina Lab

May 26  Ryan Hillmer/Steve Henle             Link Lab


June  2  Michele Storage                           Sood Lab



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