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What are my rights and responsibilities?

The OTD is your partner during the technology development process and as such, we view our partnership as a “covenant” as described below, which when followed will serve to efficiently accomplish our respective goals of commercializing your technology:


Inventors – OTD Partnership



Document and disclose all new inventions to the OTD

Record, review and perform a robust 3-part evaluation on your invention disclosure

Send abstracts, posters or papers to OTD for BEFORE submission for review of potential IP

Provide feedback on your invention disclosure

Work with OTD to execute agreements BEFORE discussing ideas with or sending materials to external parties

Prepare and execute Confidential Disclosure (CDA) or Nondisclosure Agreements (NDA)

Participate in patent drafting & responding to all patent office actions

Protect your IP via Patents and/or Copyrights, venture all related costs

Assist in identifying commercial partners

Identify potential commercial partners

Assist in preparing marketing materials & met with potential partners

Negotiate and execute license (LA) and/or option agreements (OA), inter-institutional agreements (IIA)

Remain active in further development of the technology

Monitor agreement compliance

Meet as needed with the OTD to discuss progress

Distribute licensing revenue per MCW policy

Disclose potential conflicts of interest

Provide federal invention reporting


Contact the OTD

Phone: 414-955-4362

Fax: 414-955-6427



Curative Care Network Bldg
1000 N. 92nd St
Milwaukee, WI 53226

OTD Web Site

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