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What training is required?

  • Radiation Safety Class for New Users
    Any new personnel working directly with radioactive material should attend the Radiation Safety Class. Students, post-docs, lab technicians, etc. must have documented training in radiation safety. The Radiation Safety Class teaches the basics of working with radioisotopes in research laboratories, and covers the following topics: basics of radioactivity; health effects of ionizing radiation; radiation protection techniques; licensing and regulations; laboratory policies and procedures.  Email Radiation Safety to register for training.

  • Annual Refresher
    This online course is required for all employees working with unsealed radioactive material who have previously taken the mandatory Radiation Safety Class for new users.  Registration is not required.  Email Radiation Safety for more information.

  • Iodination Training
    This face-to-face course is required for all users performing iodinations.  Email Radiation Safety to register for training.

  • Irradiator Training
    This online course is required for individuals using an irradiator.  Registration is required; please email Radiation Safety.
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