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How is research monitored following approval?

After the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) has approved an Animal Use Application (AUA), the IACUC has the responsibility to ensure that procedures are carried out in the laboratory as described in the AUA. The IACUC utilizes various methods for monitoring research activities following the approval:

  • Post Approval Monitoring (PAM)
  • Semi-Annual Program Review and Facility Inspection

Post Approval Monitoring (PAM)

Post Approval Monitoring (PAM) is the comparative review of the actual activities occurring under an approved AUA against the written AUA.
PAM is essential in order to ensure:

  1. The well-being of animals involved in research and teaching activities
  2. That activities are conducted in compliance with regulations and standards of state and federal agencies, as well as the Medical College of Wisconsin's policies and standards
  3. That activities are consistent and conducted in compliance with IACUC-approved AUAs

The PAM program at the Medical College of Wisconsin has been designed with two major components.

  • An Investigator-initiated Self-Assessment - The Self-Assessment Checklist gives the Investigator the opportunity to review their laboratory procedures, staff, and AUA to verify that they are all still in compliance with IACUC approval, as well as providing them the opportunity to correct any deviations from that approval.
  • In-lab Monitoring Visit - The in-lab visit provides an opportunity for a comparison of the actual every day activities of an AUA with the written approved AUA.  This visit is primarily carried out by the Animal Research Compliance and Education Liaison, in the Office of Research, but may be carried out by any other appointed representative(s) of the IACUC. The Animal Research Compliance and Education Liaison will contact the Principal Investigator 30-60 days in advance to schedule routine in-lab visits. Unscheduled visits may occur without prior notice if an animal welfare concern has been reported.

In addition to the PAM program implemented by the Office of Research, the Biomedical Resource Center (BRC) veterinary staff conducts visits of laboratories that perform survival surgeries.

Semi-Annual Program Review and Facility Inspection

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is required by law to conduct a “Semi-Annual Program Review and Facility Inspection” once every 6 months.  As suggested by its name, the Semi-Annual consists of 2 parts:

  1. In-depth review of the institution’s program for the care and use of animals, including IACUC function and responsibilities, veterinary care program, occupational health and safety, and training of personnel.
  2. Physical inspection of all of the institution’s animal facilities, including areas where animals are housed greater than 12 hours and laboratories where surgery is performed.

The Semi-Annual at the Medical College of Wisconsin takes place in January/February and July/August.
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