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What can I do to streamline the approval process?

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and the Biomedical Resource Center (BRC) will work with new investigators to facilitate a smooth transition to the Medical College of Wisconsin. Please submit the Animal Use Application (AUA) and other applications at your earliest convenience. Submitting these items early will allow the best opportunity for your research to hit the ground running when you arrive. In addition, Research Resources Starting Up Research offers additional guidance.

  • BRC veterinarian consultation is encouraged prior to new Animal Use Application (AUA) submissions.  Please contact the BRC ( or 414-955-4209) to schedule a consultation with a veterinarian regarding various animal methodologies, including analgesic, anesthetic guidelines, blood collection, etc.
  • Initiate the Animal Use Application (AUA) in eBridge:
  • Complete the applicable form(s) for Safety Committee review and approval:
    • Subcommittees of the Joint Safety Committee are: Institutional Biosafety Committee, HazChem Safety Committee, Radiation Safety Committee, and/or MRI Safety Committee
    • The applications are available on the MCW intranet site.  If you have access to InfoScope, search for keywords “safety committee forms”
  • Contact your department administrator to begin the process of transferring any possible grant funds to allow you to pay for any possible costs incurred for housing the animals once they arrive at the Medical College of Wisconsin.
  • Contact the Biomedical Resource Center (BRC) for any specific questions regarding the process of transferring animals (if any) to the Medical College of Wisconsin ( or 414-955-4209).
  • Begin completing the required Core Certification training.  Details are available on the MCW intranet site.  If you have access to InfoScope, search for keywords “training for animal research.”
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