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Policies, procedures and guidelines

Standard Operating Procedures

The Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Environmental Health & Safety maintains Standard Operating Procedures for chemical use. These are available on the EHS intranet web site.  If you have access to InfoScope, search for keywords “EHS SOP.”


Safety Manual and Laboratory Chemical Hygiene Plan

The Medical College of Wisconsin, concerned with the health and safety of its students, faculty, staff and visitors, acknowledges its responsibility to endeavor to create, maintain, and enhance a healthful and safe environment for all individuals associated with the institution. To this end, MCW is committed to provide reasonable resources and support for the development, implementation and maintenance of an effective health and safety program.

MCW is committed to the principle that such a program will minimize institutional losses, reduce costs, improve morale and increase productivity. For these reasons, MCW requires that health promotion and accident prevention be integrated into all its academic and operational activities and has established a central Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) on campus which is part of Finance and Administration. This department has been charged to oversee the development and implementation of an effective health and safety program. To best fulfill this responsibility, the Department of Environmental Health and Safety will develop and assist in implementing MCW guidelines and standards compatible with existing external agencies’ rules and regulations. Compliance with all MCW health and safety guidelines will be required. All supervisory personnel shall bear primary responsibility for the health and safety concerns within their respective area.

The Safety Manual is available at MCW’s intranet site.  If you have access to InfoScope, search for keyword “EHS” and select the link for the EHS web site.  Then look within the right panel Quick Links for the 2012 Safety Manual and Lab Chemical Hygiene Plan (pdf).


Corporate Policies

The Medical College of Wisconsin maintains Corporate Policies relating to research safety.  In particular, the policy Materials of Trade Exception (CO.OH.030) applies to the transportation of small amounts of some chemicals within personal vehicles.  For a complete listing of all institutional policies, search for keyword “corporate policies” on MCW’s intranet site InfoScope.

Alternatively, you can directly view the details of an individual policy by searching on InfoScope for the policy number (e.g. CO.OH.030).
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