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What can I do to prevent problems in the laboratory?

Top five tips to prevent problems in your laboratory:

  • Ensure your chemicals are properly segregated and stored correctly.  Do not let peroxide formers become an explosion hazard.
  • Know how to properly dispose of your waste.  Do not put chemicals down the drain unless Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) has indicated it is safe to do so.
  • Store hazardous waste properly (closed, labeled, in secondary containment).  Do not let waste accumulate, and notify EHS for waste pickups.
  • Make sure study staff wear their safety equipment when working in the lab (e.g., proper gloves, safety eyewear/face shields, full length lab coat, closed-toed shoes); and know to properly use fume hoods, eyewashes and safety showers in your lab.
  • Make sure all study staff have reviewed the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for materials used; protocols; MCW Safety Manual and Chemical Hygiene Plan.
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