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How long can I expect the approval process to take?

  • The MCW/FH IRB ranks 13th among 48 U.S. Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) institutions in terms of review speed, according to a recently reported benchmarking survey conducted by CTSA members.
  • The median number of days from submission to first committee meeting was 18 days. The median number of days from first committee meeting to final documented approval for all studies reviewed during a fixed 90-day period was 25 days, for a total of 43 days from submission to final approval.
  • Only 12 institutions showed faster median review times; only two institutions showed review times markedly faster. View detailed chart (pdf) here.
  • In calendar year 2012, 72% of human research studies going to full-committee IRB review were approved at the first review meeting and 19% at the second review meeting. This significant increase in studies approved on the first go-around is attributable to changes made to the IRB application (so that more complete information is captured for review), better IRB applications submitted, and better pre-committee review of applications by the IRB staff.
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