Research Systems Training

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Requirements Policy to Request Services from
Research Systems Training

Applies to: Office of Research Business Units


The Research Systems Training team is experienced in designing and developing technical and training content that supports research efforts for the Medical College of Wisconsin research community. The group currently supports the eBridge system with technical documentation and training for the modules implemented in eBridge. In addition, the Research Systems Training team creates Captivate training required to perform certain research here at MCW. Required training is tracked in a user’s Researcher Profile in eBridge.

If you would like to work with our team to add online technical content to the eBridge Support Web page for a module in eBridge (Animal, Human, Funding, or IBC Safety), create Job Aids to better support roles used in an eBridge module, or create a Captivate training course specific to a module in eBridge, please complete the Request Services form.


After you complete and submit the Request Services form, we will evaluate and assess the scope of work for your request to determine resourcing options. Keep in mind that the Training team is resourced to every eBridge project that is in development, as well as resourced to develop Captivate training for required certifications in various research areas (for example, safety courses, such as rDNA , Bloodborne Pathogens, and Lab Chem Safety). We will do our best to accommodate your request.

After our evaluation, we will contact you to discuss the request and better define the work. Once the work is resourced, we will meet with your identified subject matter expert who will provide the content that will be used to create the training, technical documentation, or job aid you indicated on the form. This will be a collaborative effort between the training resource and the identified subject matter expert, with review and modifications until the content is ready for final signoff. Nothing is published until final signoff by the Business Unit Project Owner.


During the collaboration between the training resource and the subject matter expert, the format and design of the content being created will be discussed. The Training team makes the final decision regarding: 1) format to adhere to CMS best practices, 2) established standards of the Research Systems Training team, and 3) the current look and feel on our Training and eBridge Support Web sites.
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