Resident & Student Wellness

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Medical College of Wisconsin Resident and Student Wellness

Healthy Living

Maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle during times of stress can be very challenging. Our experts have provided tips on how to eat healthy under times of stress, tips for alcohol usage, exercise information, and other health-related behaviors.

Sleep Wellness

Sleep wellness is essential to optimal cognitive, emotional, and interpersonal functioning. However, in medical training and practice, sleep deprivation is common. Maintaining and caring for one's sleep is essential to psychological wellness and health.

Stress Management

Stress is a normal and necessary part of life. Coping with times when environmental stress becomes overwhelming can help decrease distress.

Resident & Student Mental Health Program

Welcome to the Wellness Site! We hope you find these resources helpful. 

Clinical Director of Resident and Student Mental Health Program: 

Heidi F. Christianson, PhD
Assistant Professor
Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine

Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine Resident and Student Mental Health Program

1155 N. Mayfair Road
Tosa Center, 3rd Floor

Clinic Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:30pm
** Scheduled appointments outside of normal business hours are also available.

General Contact Information
General: (414) 955-8950
Intake: (414) 955-8933

Emergency Contact Information
During Business Hours
(414) 955-8933
After Business Hours
(414) 805-6700
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