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STAR Center Simulators and Task Trainers



Computer-Enhanced Physiological Simulator

High Fidelity Simulator

Human Patient Simulator (HPS) aka "Stan"

PediaSIM (HPS) aka "Petey"

Medium Fidelity Simulator


Noelle & Neonate


Auscultation Task Trainers

      Harvey - Cardiopulmonary Patient Simulator

Lung Sound Auscultation Simulator (2)

SAM –  Student Auscultation Mannequin (3) w/ simulscopes

Ventriloscope (3)


VR Task trainer

UltraSim (ultrasound simulator)


Anatomical Models and Procedure/Task Trainers

Airway simulator

Airway Management Trainer & airway anatomical model (1 each)

Airway Management Trainer (AirSim) (1)

IV & Injection Simulators

Central Venous Catheter Insertion Simulator (2)

Central Venous Catheter Insertion Simulator (Blue Phantom) (2)

Lumbar Puncture Simulator (2)

Arterial Wrist Puncture Simulator (1)

TPN Patient Care Simulator (2)

Intravenous Arm Simulator (4)

IV Trainer Arms – old-style (6)

ACF Pad w/ vein & epidermis – Venipuncture (2)

Extended ACF Pad – Venipuncture (4)

Injection Trainer w/ skin pad & muscle block (4)

Knee for aspiration (2)

Shoulder for Joint Injection (1)

Elbow for Joint Injection (1)

Male Procedural Simulators

Male pelvic exam trainers (2) Includes:

Male Abdominal wall

Penis, Bladder & Prostate

Perineum, Testicles and Bowel

Male catheterization task trainer (1)

Prostate Exam simulator (2)

Female Procedural Simulator

Breast exam trainer w/ inserts (1)

Breast exam trainer (strap-on) (2)

Female catheterization task trainer (1)

Female Pelvic exam trainer / gynecological simulator (6)

Keele & Staffs Episiotomy Repair trainer (4)

Eye/Ear exam Simulator

Eye Exam Simulator (2)

Ear Exam Simulator (2)


Diagnostic Face w/ Lesions (2)

Curettage, shave and snip pads

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