Scholarly Pathways

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Welcome to the Medical College of Wisconsin's Scholarly Pathways program!

Scholarly Pathways are a required component of our curriculum for all M1-M2 students and optional in the M3 year, beginning with the Class of 2016. The Scholarly Pathways allow students to individualize their medical training while exploring a career path of interest. Students work with peers and faculty, building on the foundation of their medical school experiences, to pursue an area of common interest in greater depth.

Each of the pathways features two components, the first is a structured curriculum with a core set of competencies delivered through monthly workshops, or core sessions. The second comprises flexible, experiential non-core activities in which each student is guided by a faculty advisor and their own individualized learning plan (ILP) to apply the core concepts in a variety of settings. At the end of the M3 year, students must have completed a scholarly project.

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Pathways staff are located in the Academic Affairs Office.

Clinician Educator,
Physician Scientist

Meaghan Hayes

Urban & Community Health
Hilary Chavez, MS

Bioethics, Master Clinician,

Jen Kraus

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