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Community Engaged Learning

Community Partner Project Proposal

Dear Community Partners, The Medical College of Wisconsin is seeking community-based service learning opportunities for our medical students.

Community Service Guidelines

The process of working with a community to determine needs and develop appropriate programs requires different knowledge and skills than those used in a conventional clinical setting. Community-engaged activities provide valuable experiences for our medical students, and the community relies upon us to ensure that the students we send to them are appropriately prepared, knowledgeable, and adequately supervised.

Honors in Community Engagement

The purpose of this program is to encourage, support and recognize medical students who work extensively with medically underserved, marginalized and vulnerable populations during their medical school careers.

Service Learning at MCW

Service Learning is “a structured learning experience that combines community service with preparation and reflection. Students engaged in service-learning provide community service in response to community-identified concerns and learn about the context in which service is provided, the connection between their service and their academic coursework, and their roles as citizens and professionals.” (LCME IS-14-A)



Service Learning (SL):

• Is part of the curriculum and results in academic credit
• Places equal value on community-defined service objectives and curricular learning objectives
• Is planned and implemented through partnership among the student, faculty and site-based community staff.
• Includes: 1) Orientation to community being served; 2) Preparation with background and training needed to perform needed tasks; 3) Service activities to meet community-identified need; and 4) Reflection to allow the student to integrate the service and learning aspects of the experience.

Service learning assists students' development as medical professionals through experiential learning that stimulates critical thinking, problem analysis and cultural understanding.  

MCW Pathways support Service Learning across all pathways by facilitating partnership development among students, faculty and community partners.


Contact Us

Pathways staff are located in the Academic Affairs Office, Suite M3215.

General Inquiries

Pathways Team Lead
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Urban & Community Health
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