Scholarly Pathways

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Provides students with necessary theory and skills for critical analysis of difficult medical decisions in clinical and research arenas. Students will apply these skills across a spectrum of contemporary biomedical ethical dilemmas, and learn to incorporate bioethics into their medical careers.

Clinician Educator

Focuses on developing students’ competencies as teachers of fellow students, other health care providers, and their communities. Students will be introduced to evidence-based principles of education while advancing their knowledge about curriculum development, mentoring, learner assessment, and program evaluation.

Global Health

Provides students with opportunities to increase their understanding of the special healthcare needs of diverse patients in Milwaukee as well as in countries around the globe.

Health Systems & Policy

The HSMP Pathway will help students understand health policy and the business and economics of medicine. It will also provide students with leadership skills so that they can participate in the changes needed for the U.S. health care system to improve and thrive.

Physician Scientist

Provides progressive opportunities to engage in leading-edge research for students interested in complementing their clinical development with the skills required to become clinician-scientists.

Quality Improvement & Patient Safety

Provides students with the core principles and skills necessary to understand and analyze the systems-based aspects of patient care, to actively engage in quality improvement work, and to enhance patient safety with the goal of achieving the best possible health outcomes for patients.

Urban & Community Health

Links education with community needs and assets to prepare students to effectively care for patients in urban communities, promote community health, and reduce health disparities.

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Pathways staff are located in the Academic Affairs Office.

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Clinician Educator,
Physician Scientist

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Urban & Community Health
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Bioethics, Master Clinician,

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