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It is the intention of the noncore activities that students gain a variety of skills and experiences, and benefit from a longitudinal experience where possible.  Therefore, for M-2 and M-3 students, no more than 2/3 of total required noncore hours may be accumulated within a single semester.

As soon as is practical, a project proposal should be submitted for approval.

Aside from an approved scholarly project, noncore activities must be tied to each student’s ILP and include opportunity for reflection.  When in doubt, the student should consult with his or her advisor to determine if the activity provides an appropriate, relevant learning opportunity.

Noncore hours are meant to be experiential, application opportunities of core competencies, and are meant to enrich the traditional curriculum.

They may NOT include:

  • Activities that are a required component of the curriculum (e.g. required mentor visits, required seminars or grand rounds while on the corresponding clerkship)
  • Travel time to activities
  • Studying for exams or boards
  • Developing CV and residency application materials
  • General reading, unless specifically tied to ILP or scholarly project and resulting in a product (summary, reflection)

Allowable noncore credit may be limited for some activities:

  • No more than 3 hours can be claimed for the search for an advisor and developing your ILP
  • When part of an approved academic enrichment elective – noncore hours capped at 6 per month
  • If attending or presenting at a professional meeting, only time spent in relevant sessions (tied to ILP), actually presenting or preparing for presentations is eligible
  • If participating in an away elective for credit (e.g. international elective), noncore time limited to 4 hours per week

Within these limits, students should report only the number of hours actually spent during the activity.

Students are encouraged to explore possible projects and experiences with a faculty advisor.

A variety of experiences may make up the noncore activity requirements, depending on the student’s interests/goals.

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