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Master Clinician Pathway


Edmund H. Duthie, MD
MC Pathway Director

Master Clinician Pathway is available to the class of 2014 and class of 2015 only.

While all medical students look to develop mastery and competency as physicians, the Master Clinician Pathway is dedicated to building upon the basics and significantly raising the student's performance level in student-selected areas. Students progress through the Pathway utilizing the "RIME" approach as they further develop skills as Reporters, Interpreters, Managers and Educators. Students create an Individualized Learning Plan guided by competencies for Master Clinicians developed by MCW Master Clinicians and framed according to the Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)competencies for medical specialties.

Pathway activities center on gaining proficiency by:

  • Enhancing communication skills with the patient, family and heath care team
  • Developing and demonstrating excellence in a variety of technical skills , including the physical
  • examination
  • Solving complex clinical problems
  • Achieving team work skills: situational awareness, ability to assess selves and others, task
  • management, leadership roles

Becoming more reliant on primary sources of literature to assist with patient care as well as
identify significant gaps in knowledge which require clinical research.

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