Scholarly Pathways

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Scholarly Pathways News

January/February 2015

Mentor Minute: Welcome New and Returning Advisors!

December 2014

Mentor Minute: Monitoring Progress - Midterm Assessments

October 2014

Mentor Minute: Independent Learning Plans

September 2014

Mentor Minute: Pathway Advisors Needed!

May/June 2014

Mentor Minute: Year-End Events

April 2014

Mentor Minute: Collaboration and Authorship

March 2014

Mentor Minute: Glassick's Criteria

February 2014

Mentor Minute: Directing to Resources

January 2014

Mentor Minute: M3 Pathways

November/December 2013

Mentor Minute: Aligning Expectations

October 2013

Mentor Minute: Mentoring Overview

Contact Us

Pathways staff are located in the Academic Affairs Office, Suite M3215.

General Inquiries

Pathways Team Lead
Physician Scientist

  Clinical & Translational Research
  Molecular & Cellular Research
Meaghan Hayes, MEd

Global Health,
Health Systems Management & Policy

Urban & Community Health
Hilary Chavez, MS

Clinician Educator,
Quality Improvement & Patient Safety

Jen Kraus

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