Scholarly Pathways

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Scholarly Project Materials

Scholarly Project - Completion Criteria(PDF)

Description of the scholarly project required for completion of a Pathway.

Institutional Review of Scholarly Pathway Project (PDF)

Description of the Institutional Review (IRB) policy for student projects.

Completion Timeline (PDF)

Expectations, due dates, and timeline for completion of Pathways and Scholarly Projects.

Scholarly Project Proposal Form (.docx)

Outline for students' scholarly project full proposal to be submitted for approval to their Pathway Director. This must be accompanied by the mentor approval form.

Scholarly Project Written Report Guidelines (PDF)

Instructions for authors for the required written scholarly project report.

Scholarly Project Evaluation Rubric (PDF)

Rubric for evaluating scholarly projects in the Pathways.

Mentor Forms

Mentor Agreement Form (.docx)

To be submitted with the Scholarly Project Statement of Intent to confirm the agreement by the faculty member to serve as a mentor.

Mentor Approval Form(.docx)

To be submitted with the student’s project proposal; Affirms the mentor’s support of the project plan

Mentor Attestation (.docx)

To be submitted with the students final Scholarly Project Report. This form includes an assessment by the mentor using Glassick's Criteria of the student's role in fulfillment of the Scholarly Project requirements.

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Pathways staff are located in the Academic Affairs Office.

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