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You are cordially invited to MCW's First Annual

M3 Final Pathways Scholarship Forum 2012


Thursday June 21, 2012
1-4:30 PM

Kerrigan Auditorium & The Alumni Center
Medical College of Wisconsin


Featuring Project Presentations from M3 students in all five Pathways:

Clinician Educator
Physician Scientist
Global Health
Master Clinician
Urban and Community Health


The MCW Pathways Program is now completing its 3rd year - and our students have done some extraordinary things - through research in basic, clinical and social sciences; curriculum innovation and teaching; and community engaged projects to address health disparities in Milwaukee and abroad. 

Over 165 faculty advisors and valued community partners have helped them succeed. We would like to thank all of you for the support you have given the students, and hope you will join us!


Refreshments will be served

For more information about the Pathways Scholarship Forum contact Hilary Chavez at 414-955-2811 or email

The Pathways program was supported by an educational grant from the Advancing Healthier Wisconsin Endowment at the Medical College of Wisconsin.



Pathways Abstracts and Reflections

(Podium and poster presentations are linked to a PDF file of the presentation)

Clinician Educator

GET Going: Engaging Medical Students Teaching Geriatrics as Members of Specific Geriatric Education Teams Christopher Anderson & John Petronovich
An Education Krista Asp
Identifying Cross Cutting Successes in Medical Student Education Program at a Time of Curriculum Revitalization Alexandria Bear
Transition to the Clinical Years Kristin Cameron & Tiffany Cheng
Patient Engagement Program: Peer to Peer Teaching on Patient Counseling

Albert Chow

Improving the Student /Patient Exchange in Underserved
Population Clinics
John Dang
Reflection Richard Deklotz
Transitioning into the "Train the Trainer" Role Angie Geiger
Camp Cardiac Tracy Knippel &  Jessica Hanley
Salient Film Series: Promoting Empathy and Reflection in Future Physicians Julie Owen
Student to Educator to Clinician Educator Katherine Schuster
Radiology Gamuts for the Semantic Web Matthew Shore
The PQRST of Medical Student Feedback Kiruba Vembu, with Leonid Vydro & Albert Chow
Reflecting on Participation in the MCW Tutoring Program Matthew Vickery

Global Health

Infant Mortality Worldwide Ranji Anath
Clipping Hypertension - Barbershop Blood Pressure Project Christopher Ford & Lisa Chowdhury
Improving Outcomes for Avalanche Victims Trisha Danz
Healthcare Through Improved Communication Mary Dennison
Women's Health in Zambia Nicole Ebel
Fall Risk and Prevention Needs Assessment in an Older Adult Latino Population Erin Hanlin
Disaster Medical Education & Simulated Crisis Events: A Transitional Approach Antony J. Hayes
Learning Points about Malaria, HIV & Women's Health Justin Houseman
Global Helath, Parent Expectations and International Adoption Megan Jourdan
International Community Service & Clinical Care Shabana Walia
Reflection on Language as a Barrier to Care Sarah Wilson
Healthcare & the Hispanic Patient Cara Zokoe
Intravesicular BCG Therapy in Immunocompetent Males Resulting in Disseminated BCG Disease Satish Vembu & Ann Kronenwetter

Master Clinician

Geriatrics Reflective Synthesis: A Clinical & Research Perspective Daniel Abbott
Reflection of Master Clinician Pathway Experiences Christopher J. Anderson
Forming an Interest in Pathology Janice Aportela
Case Series of Pre-hospital Blood Administration in a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) Christopher Arndt
Master Clinician Professional Development Kelly Bailey
Teamwork & Collaboration: Important at all Levels of Care Jessical Bartelt
Does Tight Control of HBA1C Affect Outcomes for Diabetics? Timothy Botler
Pathways Reflection Paper Timothy Burns
Saturday Clinic for the Uninsured Quality Improvement Study Margarita Cantir & Joshua Pearl
Growth of a JMS - A Year in Reflection Margaret Carpenter
Applying Anesthetic Skills to At-Risk Populations Scott (Michael) Carver
Reflective Synthesis James Clay
Master Clinician Pathway: An M# Journey of Self - Reflection Keli Coleman
Preoperative Medicine: An Experience Above the Drape Patrick Darga
Impact of Nursing Home Violations on ED Inpatient Treatment and Falls Jill Daubner
Alternatives to Lactulose in Treatment of Hepatic Encephalopathy, a Patient Case Michael DiMarco
Becoming a Well-Rounded & Informed Physician Andrew Do
Undecided Whitney Endsley
Reflective Synthesis Kristin Fay
Reflections Edward Fazendin
Cryptogenic Organizing Pneumonia: A Case Study Patrick Fleming
The Importance of Education Samantha Friedman
Anti-coagulation Management for Low-Risk Surgery Two Months After Pulmonary Embolism Justin Friske
Finding My Specialty: A Reflection Amber Galarowicz
An Assessment of AED Programs in Wisconsin Schools Steven Gale & Daniel Sturgill (UCH)
Practicing Evidence-Based Cardiology Noelle Garster
Brain Morphology & its Relationship to Alcohol Relapse Propensity Phillip Guajardo
My Year in Review Marc Gunderson
Survey on the Method of the Lateral Pull-down Exercise Brett Hall
Efficiency of a Four Item PTSD Screen in Trauma Patients Jessica Hanley
Working with a Diverse Population Whitney Hansen
One Step at a Time Yuichiro Hayashi
Master Clinician Reflective Synthesis Colin Hoff
Interleukin-6 as a Potential Marker for Ovarian Torsion: A Publication Review Jon Holzberger
A Reflection Annie Huang
Rethinking Hydrochlorothiazide EBM Analysis Benjamin Jenny
My Social View on Medicine David Kaplan
Reflective Synthesis Jeffrey Kenyon
Management of Recurrent Erythema Multiforme Outbreaks Tana Kim
Diminished Laminin 332 Deposition in Irradiated Skin Wasakorn Kittipongdaja
Comparing Perinatal Outcomes in Gestational Diabetes Treatment Jaclyn Klekman
Antiprotrusion Cage GAP Cup Acetabular Reconstructions for Tumor- Outcome Analysis Bradley Kook
Pathways in Pediatrics Matthew Laudon
EBM Project - Anticoagulation Therapy & the Effectiveness of Self Monitoring Leonard Lee
Early Exposure to Geriatrics & Family Centered Approach of Care Soojae Lee
Utility of Motivational Interviewing in Smoking Cessation Patric Lehman
Contemporary Interventions for Carotid Artery Stenosis Katelyn Levene
Reflective Synthesis David Linn
My Third Year Pathways Activites in a Nutshell Luis Lopez
Venous Channels Timothy Maher
Reflection on Master Clinician Pathway Brian Marcus
To Whipple or Not to Whipple Brodie Marthaler
M3 Reflection Robert McMurray
Reflections on Pathways Casey Melcher
Master Clinician Reflective Synthesis Lydia Mendoza
Neuroborreliosis & Guillian Barre Syndrome Stephanie Miller
My Time in the Master Clinician Pathway Joshua Nelson
Septal Annular Doppler Tissue Imaging Indices are Predictive Outcome in Infants with HLHS following Staged Palliation Callie Nguyen
Reflective Synthesis Courtney Nibbe
Reflective Synthesis Brilliant Nimmer
Perfecting the Physical Exam & Expanding your Differential Diagnosis Bryce Osbourne
Rigid vs. Soft Intrauterine Insemination Catheter Use & Pregnancy Outcomes Katherine Osyter
Comparing ACE Inhibitors & ARB's in Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy Sarang Patel
Saturday Clinic for the Uninsured Quality Improvement Study Joshua Pearl & Margarita Cantir
Integrating Geriatrics within General Surgery Training John Petronovich
Fluid Overload Management in Heart Failure: A Clinical Strategy Madeline Pokorney
Cranial Nerve Involvement in Sceleroderma Dustin Porter
Use of Pleural Drainage in Children with Parapneumonic Effusion Nicole Purcell
Healthcare Communication Errors & Patient Safety Weston Radford
Growth & Development through the Master Clinician Pathway Jason Ratika
Investigating Themes for Readmission at Froedtert Hospital Senthil Rathinavelu
NSAID - induced Hepatotoxicity: A Case Prevention Natalie Schellpfeffer
The Use of Meniscal Allograft for Glenoid Resurfacing in Young Patients with Glenohumeral Arthritis Dmitry Shnayderman
Message from Below: A Rare Presentation of Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis Omar Sinno
Pathways Reflection Brian Skjei
Finding your Path in the Master Clinician Pathway Emily Sweet
Readmission for Complications Following G-tube Placement in the Pediatric Population Sarah Thill
An Analysis of Elder Abuse Rates in Milwaukee County Mary Thomson
Available Modes of Exercise used to Treat Parkinson's Disease Richard Thorsted
Reflective Synthesis Mader Tondravi
Xenograft vs. Allograft Survival in Microinjection Stem Cell Transplants in Minipig Spinal Cord Craig Tork
MRI vs. CT in the Diagnosis of Acute Stroke Meg Van Nostrand
Post-operative Morbidity & Mortality after fMRI/DTI Pre-surgical Brain Mapping Juan Carlos Vera
Vibration Induced Injury Anthony Watt
Aortic Valve Replacement: Mechanical or Bioprosthesis? Sarah Welsh
EBM Review on Transcatheter vs. Surgical Replacement of Aortic Valve Claudia Yeung
What is the Utility of PET in Staging Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Critical Review Matthew Yocum

Physician Scientist

  Eric Abston
The Effects of Lesions in the Dorsolateral Pons on the Coordination of Swallowing & Breathing in Awake Goats Joshua Bonis
The Effect of Tailored Step Count Feedback on Vascular Homeostasis & Cardiovascular Performance in Patients with/without Underlying Coronary Artery Disease Elaine Cabugason
Clinical predictors of the results of Stress Testing with Imaging Shawn Call
Correlation between E& Gene Variants of Human Papillomavirus Type 16 & Clinical Parameters Christine Choi
Communication Between Breast Cancer Patients and their Physicians about Breast-Related Body Image Issues Mallory Cohen
Characterization of the ApoE Knockout Rat Adam Covach
Physician Scientist Research Projects Justin Dux
The Role of EEG in Evaluation & Predicting Outcomes in Traumatic Brain Injury & Coma Katelin Engerer
Does Subjective Valsalva Voiding Predit its Presence on Urodynamic Testing? Gabriel Fiscus
  Max Geers
Evaluation of the Color Difference Plot Scoring System Analysis of the 103 Hexagon Multifocal Electroretinogram in the Detection of Hydroxychloroquine Retinal Toxicity Gabrielle Graves
Cellular Mechanism of Angiotensin II Meditated ROS Production in Cultured Endothelial Cells Hans Huang
Dynamic Cam-type Femoroacetabular Impingement Produces Public Symphysis & Sacroiliac Joint Rotation: A Cadaver Study Robert Jacobs
DTI of the Injured Spinal Cord Mohammad-Ali Jazayeri
Statistical Model for Prediction of Hearing Loss in Patients Receiving Cisplatin Chemotherapy Andrew Johnson
Factors Associated with Discussion of Preoperative Mammography in Women Undergoing Reduction Mammaplasty Katherine Kelley
StAR Protein-mediated Transport of Cholesterol Hydroperoxides Under Oxidative Stress Conditions Matthew Lippner
Morphine's Effect on Bovine Articular Chondrocytes Alicia Lolwing
Quality of Life and Impact on the Family in Infants with Congenital Heart Disease Meiqian Ma
Effects if Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury to Mitochondrial Complexes David Nielsen
Research Reflection Olamdie Olambiwonnu
Modulators of a CYP Pathway Affect Development & Angiogenesis in Zebrafish Embryos Jonathan Pace
Signaling Mechanism of Adenosine in Rat Brain Astrocytes Nicole Rau
Metal Ions Upregulate Lymphocyte Binding to Endothelia Cells: Potential Mechanisms for the Formation of ALVAL Following Joint Replacement with Metal on Metal Articulations Timothy Schnettler
Lymphedema Following 3-D Conformal Radiation Therapy for Lymph Node+ Breast Cancer Irina Sparks
Glycemic Control in Patients with Intracerebral Hemorrhage Robert Stone
Pre-Glenn Echocardiographic Assessment of Diastolic Function of  the Systemic RV in HLHS Shaan Sudhakaran
Mg2+ Attenuates Ca2+ Uptake into Mitochondria but Does not Alter ADP-induced  Respiration Oluwatosin Thompson
Stenting & Angioplasty of the Vertebral Artery Origin for Atherosclerotic Stenosis Matthew Thompson
Transplant Conditioning Regimens & Outcomes after Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation in Children & Adolescents with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia James Tracey
Transfection Optimization of Human T Cell Leukemia Virus Type 2 Proviral Clones in Jurkat Cells Tochi Umunakwe
Correlation Between Functional Assessment and Romberg Test in Post-concussion Children David VerBunker
Assessment of an Ultrasound Training Program for Family Medicine Physicians Felix Wong
Effects of Stimulation Rate on Music Instrument Identification in Elder Cochlear Implant Users Haoang Zhang

Urban & Community Health

Working Towards Increasing Child Health Literacy Sherry Abraham
Mirrored Evolution: A Journey Through the Third Year Sreevalli Atluru
Barriers Accessing the Specialty Care Among the Uninsured Rebecca Bauer
Community Engagement with Educational Health Discussions Brittane Parker & Clinton Logan
The Growing Somali Patient Population in Milwaukee Milad Eshaq
Healthy Relationships - Dating Violence Prevention in Milwaukee Teens Maiteeny Pumpuang & Ritu Zei
Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies Angela Giesel
Mentoring in Medicine: Preparing the Next Generation Randal Harris
The impact of Parental Perceptions of Illness on Healthcare-seeking Tendencies Ryan Jackman
Mental Health Reflection Abby Lochmann-Bailkey
Solving Health Care Disparities One Patient at a Time Jason Loera
MCW Advanced Medical Spanish Course for Medical Students Jay Nichols
Becoming a "Good" Physician Casie Nigbur
Walking for Well-being Groups Promote Land Use of Physical Activity Elizabeth Pyne
Limited Access to Specialist through Free Clinics Erin Ruedinger
The Uninsured: Utilization of Free Clinics Jessica Shaheen
Health Insurance Exchanges as a Means to Break the Incarceration Cycle Alexander Raskin & Nathan Zokoe
Urban Gardening with Milwaukee's HOMEless Karlye Rodriguez-Wisdom, Tyler Ulbrich & Michael Girolami
The Home Project - Homeless Outreach at the Milwaukee Womens Center Margaret Schaefer, Michelle Becker, Claudia Yeung (MC) Brooke Rogers & Brianne Zechlinski
PEACE Program Parent Nights - Continuing Psychotherapy in the Home Amanda Smith, Jennifer Lee & Tam Do
An Assessment of AED Programs in Wisconsin Schools: How are we doing protecting our kids? Daniel Sturgill & Steven Gale (MC)
An Exploration of Disaster Preparedness and Management Stephanie Sullivan
Assessment of Demographic Risk Factors in Asthma Morbidity Tia Vernon


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Pathways staff are located in the Academic Affairs Office.

Clinician Educator,
Physician Scientist

Meaghan Hayes

Urban & Community Health
Hilary Chavez, MS

Bioethics, Master Clinician,

Jen Kraus

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