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Medical Student Scholarly Activities/Pathways Travel Reimbursement Funds

PURPOSE:  This travel reimbursement is available to MCW medical students who have been accepted to present their research/scholarly projects at national/regional scientific meetings or at venues of scholarly significance. It is intended to give medical students an opportunity to present before an academic audience and to obtain helpful feedback for future progress. The reimbursement can be used to offset such costs as: airfare, hotel, meeting registration or per diem expenses.

ELIGIBILITY:  Full-time students at MCW who are candidates for the M.D. degree are eligible if they have been accepted to present a paper or poster reflecting their research/scholarship, or if they have been accepted to present their scholarly product as part of a nationally recognized workshop or meeting on science and scholarship in a field related to their scholarly work.  A student is only eligible to receive travel reimbursement one time within their four years of undergraduate medical education. For projects on which multiple students worked and were accepted to present, a maximum of two students are eligible to receive travel reimbursement funds for that project (to travel to only one meeting).

Students who plan to present work resulting from their participation in the Medical Student Summer Research Program (MSSRP) should contact the MSSRP Program Manager to determine eligibility for travel funds from that program before being eligible for Scholarly Activities Travel Reimbursement. All MSSRP funds for travel are available only to eligible MSSRP participants on a first-come first-served basis.  Students may not receive funding from both programs.

APPLICATION AND REIMBURSEMENT PROCEDURE:  The maximum travel reimbursement is $500 and is available on a first-come, first-served basis to eligible applicants.  Preference will be given to students who have completed their Scholarly Project proposal for the scholarly project requirement.

Please submit your application as soon as you have received acceptance of your participation at the event.

When completing the application for reimbursement, you must submit 3 attachments:

  1. an official abstract (in Adobe pdf format), of the abstract/workshop to be presented
  2. the official notification of acceptance
  3. email from mentor (one paragraph is sufficient), message should:
  • comment on why student is eligible for the reimbursement and their contribution to the research project, and
  • acknowledge that the student or department will be responsible for travel support exceeding $500.

ADMINISTRATION OF REIMBURSEMENTS:  Reimbursements will be made up to a maximum of $500 per student, in accordance with MCW travel policy as reimbursement for actual expenses.  Reimbursement for travel expenses will be provided after the event.  Receipts for transportation, hotel, registration fees, etc. are required in order to receive reimbursement.  Airfare and registration fees can be pre-paid by MCW after official acceptance of meeting presentation has been received and the application for reimbursement approved.  You will be contacted by the Discovery Curriculum to discuss the reimbursement process and/or make pre-paid travel arrangements.

An annual summary of reimbursements will be sent to Academic Affairs and the Scholarly Activities work group.

Students are required to submit to the following items within one week of their return:

  1. an envelope containing all travel receipts and account of travel expenses using the expense reimbursement form
  2. a brief accounting/evaluation of meeting experience

Questions can be sent to Pathways, Academic Affairs Suite M3125.


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