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Special Programs & Services

Adult Echocardiography Core Laboratory

Information for services provided by the Adult Echocardiography Core Lab and contact information.

Advanced Ocular Imaging Program (AOIP)

The AOIP provides an infrastructure to promote the development and use of translational ocular imaging tools to improve detection, diagnosis, and management of eye disease.

Anatomical Gift Registry

You can call the MCW's Department of Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy for more information at (414) 456-8261.

Anesthesia Simulation Program

Anesthesia recertification, Anesthesia Simulation Program, MOCA Simulation

Bioinformatics Program

The Bioinformatics Program provides application development , analysis, and database design services to assist researchers and the medical community in collecting, analyzing, annotating, and presenting data.


Medical College of Wisconsin Biostatistics program. Collaborative research. Biostatistics lecture and seminar series. John Klein, PhD, director of Biostatistics.

Biostatistics Consulting Service

The Medical College of Wisconsin Biostatistics Consulting Service. Statistical support to biomedical investigators.

Clinical Research Scholars Program

Clinical Research Scholars Program provides didactic training and individual mentoring in career development and clinical research to junior faculty.

Echocardiography Core Facility

The Small Animal Echocardiography Core provides an imaging resource to support cardiovascular phenotyping efforts. The Small Animal Echo Core staff offers expertise, materials, training, consultation, access to equipment and performs scanning and analysis on a fee for service basis. Ordering information, detailed description of services are on the web site.


The Division of Epidemiology is a research orientated division of the Institute for Health and Society, specializing in databases, secondary data, and GIS.

Health Equity and Partnerships

Health Equity and Partnerships is a division of the Institute for Health and Society that supports health promotion for underserved populations.

Magnetoencephalography (MEG)

A multidisciplinary neuroimaging program for cognitive and clinical neuroscience and combining MEG with EEG and MRI imaging.

Mass Spectrometry (MSMS) Facility

The MSMS Facility is an interdepartmental research service unit managed on behalf of the Medical College of Wisconsin by the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology.

MRI Safety

The MRI Safety Web site contains the information needed to perform research studies at the Medical College.

Neuroscience PhD Training Program

The Neuroscience PhD Training Program at the Medical College of Wisconsin provides the motivated student with superior training in Neuroscience Research while allowing for maximal flexibility in the choice of research area and coursework.

Office of Global Health

The Office of Global Health was established in January 2010 at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW). The vision is to train the next generation of global health leaders and address global health inequities across neighborhoods and nations.

Quantitative Health Sciences

The mission of Quantitative Health Sciences (QHS) is to provide scientifically valid, efficient and dependable research support for study design, data management and analysis of laboratory, animal and clinical studies.

Redox Biology Program

The Redox Biology Program at the Medical College of Wisconsin has been established to bring together researchers interested in the role of redox processes in physiology and pathology.

Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Biology

The Program in Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Biology's mission is to provide an environment that will promote the use of stem cells in the study of cell biology, developmental biology, and disease.

Resident & Student Wellness

The Medical College of Wisconsin has a Resident and Student Wellness Program to provide mental health and wellness resources and services to undergraduate and graduate medical trainees at MCW.

Transgenic Core Facility

The Transgenic Core provides a technology resource to support the generation of transgenic mouse lines and knock-out mice. The Core Staff offers expertise, materials, training, consultation, access to equipment, and performs selected procedures on a fee for service basis. Ordering information and detailed description of services are available through this website.


At the Translational Research Unit (TRU), principles of science, need, and diversity converge to provide a foundation that facilitates research excellence and improves the health of diverse populations.

Violence Prevention Initiative

The Violence Prevention Initiative will fund long-term initiatives to decrease rates of violence in identified areas of Milwaukee and, possibly, greater Wisconsin and strengthen community capacity to prevent future violence.
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