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2011 Annual Report

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Video: Strength Through Collaboration

This video highlights stories of how people are being helped and health care is strengthened through collaborations between the Medical College of Wisconsin and its major health care and academic affiliates and community organizations.

Specialized therapy relieves Parkinson's disease symptoms

Patients in the Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin Parkinson's and Movement Disorders Program benefit from the expertise of Medical College faculty, as well as Froedtert’s advanced technology and specially trained health professionals.

Partnerships in patient care

Medical College physicians and other practitioners provide primary and specialty medical care at the locations of many health care partners throughout the city and state.

Pediatric cancer team restores life to young man

The partnership of Medical College of Wisconsin pediatric cancer specialists, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, the MACC Fund, and the international Children’s Oncology Group, offer pediatric cancer patients the most advanced treatments available.

Partnerships in pediatric cancer care advances

The MACC Fund has contributed to the success of pediatric cancer treatments and improved survivorship today.

Medical students leap into early clinical care

The Zablocki VA Medical Center is a leading partner with the Medical College in providing an innovative education program for medical students, in which students have increased patient contact beginning in their first year with ongoing clinical experiences throughout all four years of medical school.

Partnerships in medical education

Through many partnerships, the Medical College provides clinical education for medical students and residency training for physicians.

PhD program joins bioscience and engineering

The Medical College of Wisconsin and Marquette University jointly offer a PhD program in Functional Imaging, which integrates experience in biomedical science and applied engineering in studies related to the brain.

Web Extra: Interest in brain research led student to joint PhD program

In 2004, Jeannette Vizuete began in the PhD program in Functional Imaging jointly offered by the Medical College of Wisconsin and Marquette University. Jeannette is now nearing completion of the program and the achievement of her PhD. In this Q and A, Jeannette talks about her research and the program.

Partnerships in graduate education

Key components of the Medical College’s many education collaborations in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

Partnerships in Discovery

The Clinical and Translational Science Institute of Southeast Wisconsin is fostering a new era of collaboration.

Teams study impact of environment on child health

A partnership between UW-Milwaukee, Children's Research Institute of Children's Hospital and Health System, and the Medical College is dedicated to understanding how environmental factors relate to reproductive and childhood diseases and finding ways to prevent them.

Cardiovascular, blood research on common ground

Researchers from the Medical College of Wisconsin and the BloodCenter of Wisconsin collaborate on cardiovascular research to address many pressing disorders of the blood and vascular system.

Program improves oral health in city children

The Making Milwaukee smile program is helping to improve the oral health of thousands of children in Milwaukee schools. The program is a collaboration of The Medical College of Wisconsin, Columbia St. Mary's, Milwaukee Public Schools, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Dental Center, Marquette University School of Dentistry, and many other community organizations.

Partnerships in community engagement

Key components of the Medical College of Wisconsin's many community collaborations.

Program targets underage drinking in La Crosse area

A coalition of La Crosse organizations and the Medical College of Wisconsin aims to reduce alcohol-related injuries and deaths among youth in La Crosse County.

Web Extra: Community Clinics meet chronic health needs

Columbia St. Mary’s, the Medical College and community advocates have joined forces to develop the Community-Based Chronic Disease Management Clinics that bring preventive health care to at-risk people in locations they are already frequenting, such as food pantries and churches. Clients have regular access to monitoring of blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol levels; medications; and education on healthy eating and exercise; all at no charge.

Web Extra: National and Global Collaborations

Medical College faculty and staff have collaborations on six continents and nearly all states in the nation. For details on specific collaborations, see the following information, which is conservative summary of the continuously expanding collaborations in all missions of the Medical College.

Finance Report

Fiscal year 2011 Medical College of Wisconsin Finance Report

Board of Trustees

The Medical College of Wisconsin Board of Trustees

Advisory Boards

Advisory Boards for the Cancer Center, Cardiovascular Center, Digestive Disease Center and Neuroscience Center

Technology Innovation Council

The Medical College's Office of Technology Development convenes the Technology Innovation Council to discuss the patenting, marketing, licensing and development of early stage biomedical technologies.

Consortium on Public and Community Health, Inc.

The consortium provides oversight for the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program and serves in an advisory capacity for conversion funds allocated to research and education at the College.

Women In Science

Women researchers and physicians at The Medical College of Wisconsin are making discoveries that are saving lives and improving treatments for patients with injuries and complex diseases.

Planned Giving Council

The Planned Giving Council collaborates with area professional advisors to explore and develop mutual client and prospective donor relationships.

Alumni Association

The Medical College of Wisconsin/Marquette Medical Alumni Association provides services to strengthen connections among alumni and with the Medical College, and between students and alumni.

Friends of the Medical College of Wisconsin

The Friends of The Medical College of Wisconsin is an organization of volunteers from the College, affiliated institutions and the community.

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