Women In Science

Women researchers and physicians at The Medical College of Wisconsin are making discoveries that are saving lives and improving treatments for patients with injuries and complex diseases.

The mission of Women in Science is to showcase outstanding research and provide financial support for women scientists at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Advisory Committee

Candice S. Klug, PhD ‘99
Carol M. Meils, MD ‘83

Iris Adipue ‘14
Lynn Barney
Marta Bartolacci
Ginny Bolger
Cheryl Brickman
Judith Carlson, MD ‘86
Lina S. Cicero
Mary E. Connelly
Penny B. Corris
Mitzi J. Dearborn, PhD
Barbara B. Drake
Rachel English, MD ‘89
Mary S. Flynn
Susan Friebert
Margarete Harvey
Bonnie Jacobson
Sheila Jhansale, MD ‘95
Eugenia Jones, PhD
Judy Jorgensen
Alyce Katayama, JD
Judith Keyes
Jan Lennon


Patti Brash McKeithan
Linda T. Mellowes
Ann Bartos Merkow, MD
Gwen Plunkett
Kathleen Poblocki
Jennifer Rosenberg
Lucille B. Rosenberg, MD ‘69
Jennifer Runquist, PhD
Daisy Sahoo, PhD
Peggy Schmitt
Mary Ellen Stanek
Cynthia B. Stoll
Deanna Tillisch
Sally S. Twining, PhD
Julia A. Uihlein, MA ‘99
Whitney Vann ‘14

Founder’s Circle

Ginny Bolger
Karen J. Brasel, MD, MPH
Cheryl Brickman
Linda L. Davis
Mitzi J. Dearborn, PhD
Pam Garvey
Ann E. Hammes
Jennifer F. Hillis
Katherine M. Hudson
Judith Keyes
Jan Lennon
Gail Ann Lione
Carol Meils, MD ‘83
Linda T. Mellowes
Ann Bartos Merkow, MD
John R. Raymond, Sr., MD
Lucille B. Rosenburg, MD ‘69
Peggy Schmitt
Peggy Schuemann
Cynthia B. Stoll
Catherine Tenke Teichert
Julia A. Uihlein, MA ‘99
Diane Zore

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